English praise for U.S. Grant - 1897


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Aug 20, 2008
When the Grant Memorial in New York City was first presented to the public during the Spring of 1897, few could have guessed that one of the places most excited about the monument would be Great Britain. An American journalist posted to that distant isle filed the attached article, quoting from as many as eight British newspapers that saw fit to liberally sprinkle their pages with a variety of laudatory adjectives in praise of General Grant:

"He sprang from the people, he was the son of a plain farmer, and had 'driven team' in his day. Yet he was also a trained soldier. But, from first to last, he was merely the citizen in arms, and with the mighty array he commanded, he resumed his position in civil life as soon as his work was done...The giants of the Civil War were probably the last of a great race."

English publications comments on Grant:

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May 22, 2009
Garnet Wolseley, the conqueror of Egypt, said that Lee was one of the two greatest men he had ever met. I believe it was Churchill who said that Lee was one of the finest captains that the English speaking peoples ever had.