EMORY, William Hemsley

Aug 31, 2006
Orlando FL
EMORY, William Hemsley
Born September 7 1811, Queen Anne's Cty MD
Died December 1 1887, Washington DC
Pre-War Profession Graduated West Point 1831, artillery service, resigned 1836, 1838 recommissioned into US Army, topographical engineer duty, Mexican war, surveying.
War Service January 1861 Lt. Col. in 1st US Cavalry, withdrew his troops from Indian Territory to Fort Leavenworth, March 1862 appointed Brig. Gen. of Volunteers, commanded a brigade of cavalry in Peninsula campaign, commanded the XIX Corps in Red River campaign, Mansfield, Shenandoah Valley campaign, commanded Dept. of West Virginia, September 1865 promoted Maj. Gen. of Volunteers.
Brevet Promotions Maj. Gen. U.S.V. July 23 1864, Brig. Gen. U.S.A. March 13 1865, Maj. Gen. U.S.A. March 13 1865.

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