★★★ -Elford, Charles James

Charles James Elford:
Born: May 11, 1820
Colonel Elford.jpg

Birthplace: Charleston South Carolina
Father: Captain James Maud Elford 1771 – 1826
(Buried: Saint Michaels Church Cemetery Charleston SC)
Mother: Ann Louisa Marsh 1783 – 1833
Wife: Sarah Alexander Sloan 1826 – 1882
(Buried: Springwood Cemetery Greenville South Carolina)
Henrietta Elford Goodlett 1845 – 1902
Mary “Bessie” Elford 1846 –
Ida Mae Elford Kendrick 1850 – 1897
Maud Elford 1859 – 1862
(Buried: Springwood Cemetery Greenville South Carolina)

Occupation before War:
Attorney and Newspaper Editor in Greenville South Carolina

Civil War Career:
1860 – 1861: Mayor of Greenville South Carolina
1861 – 1862: Colonel 16th​ South Carolina Infantry Regiment
1862: Colonel 3rd​ South Carolina Reserves

Occupation after War:
1865: Member of Committee to meet President Johnson
Attorney and Editor of Greenville Mountaineer

May 20, 1867
Place of Death: Greenville South Carolina
Age at time of Death: 45 years old
Burial Place: Springwood Cemetery Greenville South Carolina

Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
I really cannot find much info on this person. The paper he was editor of in Greenville before the war was with a Benjamin F. Perry and it was caslled ''The Southern Patriot".
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
Even though his paper opposed secession he managed to raise ten companies to form the 16th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment and Elford was elected Colonel of the regiment.In April of 1862 he wad not re-elected Colonel and returned home to command the 3rd South Carolina Reserve Regiment.