Edwards, MS


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Mar 22, 2009
Collierville, TN
I know the exact spot where they filmed the opening scenes....It was about 7 miles south of Yazoo City off Eagle Bend Road. I know the man that owns that land.
My brother is interested in the tracks local to the Greenwood area. He wanted to find the livery colors used on the cars of the Y&MV RR. He eventually contacted a guy who was technical consultant for the movie about the train. They had not special colors or scheme. They did have a logo used on their stationary. So my brother bought us golf shirts with the Y&MV RR logo on the pocket.

Tom Hughes

First Sergeant
May 27, 2019
I drove over to Eagle Bend Road the other day and the old Yazoo County jail house that they moved to make the movie was completely demolished by the tornado that hit back in April. Real sad.