★★★ -Edmondson, James Howard

James Howard Edmondson:
Born: July 15, 1831
Colonel James Howard Edmondson.jpg

Birthplace: Limestone County Alabama
Father: Andrew Jackson Edmondson 1793 – 1872
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee)
Mother: Mary Ann Howard 1800 – 1861
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee)
Wife: Mary E. Titus 1834 – 1855
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee)
Frazor Titus Edmondson 1855 – 1910
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee)

Occupation before War:
Merchant in Memphis Tennessee dealing with hides and leather

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1863: Captain of Company B 154th​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment
1863: Colonel of 11th​ Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
1863 – 1865: Owner of Charlotte Clark Steamer blockade Runner

Occupation after War:
Lived in Nassau, The Bahamas after the War
Returned to live in Memphis Tennessee
Secretary of Carolina Life Insurance Company
Cotton Factor in Memphis Tennessee
Member of Confederate Historical Association

October 20, 1884
Place of Death: Memphis Tennessee
Cause of Death: Diphtheria
Age at time of Death: 53 years old
Burial Place: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee (Oct. 21, 1884)

Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
So far the only commander of the original 11th Tennessee I've come across was Col. Isham Young. However in January 1865 it consolidated with the 10th Tennessee Cavalry and was under the command of Col. Edmondson.


Apr 14, 2019
Edmondson was definitely in command of the 11th TN Cavalry in the spring of 1863, including participation in the pursuit of Streight. I have some of his papers and orders from that time.

@Polloco, what is your source for Edmondson’s 1865 command of the combined 10th and 11th TN Cav? That is new information to me.
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
I stand corrected , when the two units consolidated it came under the command of a Colonel Holman. I also read somewhere that it ceased to exist when it consolidated later on March 24th 1865 with the 9th Tennessee Cavalry.