CS Edmondson, Isabella "Belle" Buchanan

Isabella “Belle” Buchanan Edmondson

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Born: November 27, 1840

Birthplace: Pontotoc, Pontotoc County, Mississippi

Father: Captain Andrew Jackson Edmondson 1793 – 1872
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee)​

Mother: Mary Ann Howard 1800 – 1861
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee)​

Education: Franklin Female College in Marshall County, Mississippi

Antebellum Events:

The Edmondson family moves to Shelby County, Tennessee, near Memphis, just prior to the beginning of the War Between the States​

Civil War Events:

After the City of Memphis was taken by Federal forces in early June of 1862, Edmondson became a smuggler of contraband across the Union picket lines, working in and around north Mississippi and reported primarily to Missouri troops.​
She came to be known as a "Secret Agent" for the Confederate Army​
1864 - From January to November, Edmondson wrote in a diary about her activities, notes on troop movements, skirmishes, etc. in and around the family farm near Memphis Tennessee (later published as A Lost Heroine of the Confederacy: The Diaries and Letters of Belle Edmondson, which was edited by William and Loretta Gilbraith)​
1864 - In April, the U.S. Government issued an arrest warrant for Edmondson, due to her exploits, smuggling supplies and letters through the lines.​
1864 - Edmondson fled south to avoid arrest, and by November she had moved to Waverly Plantation in Clay County, Mississippi.​
Postbellum Events:

Edmondson returned to Memphis, Tennessee after the war ended​
1873 - Shortly after announcing her engagement to a "Colonel H.", who perhaps was a Yankee, she died.​

Death: 1873

Place of Death: Elm Ridge, Shelby County, Tennessee

Age at time of Death: 32 years old

Burial Place: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee (July 16, 1873)
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