ECW: Halloween - Almost Scared Speechless!

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Feb 5, 2017

Sergeant D. H. Hamilton battled with the First Texas in Hood's Brigade, a unit known for its fierce courage. But in the autumn of 1863, he had a "creepy" experience that reads almost like a classic ghost story.

Read it aloud in the tone of a campfire storyteller...if you dare!

In a few days we were moved around to the foot of Lookout Mountain and from there we crossed Martin's Creek and fought a night fight while it was so dark we could not tell one man from another. We recrossed the creek and went back to the foot of Lookout Mountain, on the east side, where we remained several days.

While there we discovered a cave in the mountain which we were told extended several miles. Three of us decided we would explore it and see what was in it. We took three days short rations and having no lanterns, we had to provide a good supply of pitch pine for torches.
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