Early War Union Soldier's Hand Carved Pipe

May 17, 2007
Maryland...'bout 55 miles south of Gettysburg.
This is unusual because it was evidently hand carved by the soldier and he engraved it
with the place names of towns and places where his regiment stopped.
"New York May, Washington 27, Camp Cameron 61, Rockville, Darnstown, Dawsonville,
Poolesville, Monocacy Mth, Point of Rocks, Sandy Hook, Sharpsburg,
Williamsport, Martinsburg, Bunker Hill, Charleston, Harpers Ferry.
Also there is what we think are his initials "T.L."

I did research on this pipe when I got it a couple years ago, and I had it narrowed down
to two Union regiments who were in Maryland and what is now West Virginia very early in
the Civil War. One of them, at least, was from a New York regiment, if I recall right.
The one I most thought it was, was a soldier who served in all or most all of the towns
mentioned, and then was killed in the battle of Fredericksburg in late 1862. Someone may
have kept the pipe to remember him.
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