Duties of a Pvt. In a Cavalry Unit


Feb 3, 2021
Bermuda Run, NC
Not only did cavalry troopers take care of their own horses, they were sometimes required to leave their unit and find another horse when they were in short supply. One of my 3x great grand uncles served in the 4th NC Cavalry and when I reviewed his roster cards he spent at least two months looking for a mount in 1862 away from his unit. I am curious if this was common practice? If troopers had to leave their units for months looking for a horse to replace one that was lost that seems like it would be quite a drain on manpower available for duty. The ancestor I am speaking of was named Ceborne Farmer who was a private with the 4th NC Cavalry.
He was captured during the fighting during Lee's retreat from Gettysburg at Falling Waters, Maryland. He did survive prison and the war.
i found the same in researching my 4th NC Cav ancestors. Seems like they were always out looking for fresh horses. I had three in the 4th. Richard Yarbrough, George Yarbrough, and John Pass. John was KIA in Petersburg '64.