★★★ -Duff, William Lewis

William Lewis Duff:
Born: August 25, 1843
Colonel Duff.jpg

Birthplace: Sarepta Calhoun County Mississippi
Father: William R. Duff 1803 – 1855
(Buried: Camp Ground Cemetery Sarepta Mississippi)
Mother: Ruth Wells Lewis 1812 – 1896
(Buried: Riverside Cemetery Wichita Falls Texas)
Wife: Almedia Talbot 1835 – 1867
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee)
Wife: Julia Keese 1847 – 1933
(Buried: Green – Wood Cemetery Brooklyn New York)
Almedia Duff 1867 – 1869
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee)
Lee Calhoun Duff 1881 – 1926
(Buried: Green – Wood Cemetery Brooklyn New York)

Student at University of Mississippi at beginning of the War

Civil War Career:
1861: Lt. Company K 17th​ Mississippi Infantry Regiment
1861 – 1862: Captain Company K 17th​ Mississippi Infantry Regiment
1862 – 1864: Major of 17th​ Mississippi Infantry Regiment
1863: Wounded during the Battle of Chancellorsville Virginia
1863 – 1864: Lt. Colonel of 19th​ Mississippi Cavalry Battalion
1864: Dropped as Major on January 1, 1864
1864 – 1865: Colonel of 8th​ Mississippi Cavalry Regiment
Wounded during the day before Battle of Tupelo Mississippi

Occupation after War:
Attorney in Memphis Tennessee
City Recorder for Memphis Tennessee
Member of Confederate Historical Association

Died: March 2, 1909
Place of Death: Eureka Humboldt County California
Age at time of Death: 64 years old
Burial Place: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee (March 16, 1909)

Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
I'm not really sure what the term "dropped" is meant to be. If Duff was dropped from the roster of the 19th then the joke was on them. 6 companys of the 19th were soon consolidated with 4 other companys to form the 8th Mississippi of which Colonel Duff was commanding.He may have been dropped as a major but they got him right back as a Colonel.