Duff Green Mansion

Sep 28, 2013
Southwest Mississippi
Haunted has always been this home's reputation since the War.

The same "sightings" first described a few months after the siege are still being described by visitors in 2021.
Theres no doubt ... many unexplained things happen and many unexplained things are still seen at the Duff Green Mansion.
Much like the McRaven Mansion just down the road.

I've been in Duff Green a few times over the years, but I never felt anything odd or disturbing.
However, I have two friends that will never venture within a few blocks of that house. They both described the same "thing"
standing on the front verandah.

( a grey, featureless, almost transparent figure by the front door )

The intriguing aspect was these two "events' were about five years apart. The two people both knew me, but not each other.
The first description was from a Lady in her mid forties. Five years later the second almost identical account was from a young guy in his twenties.

Is the Duff Green Mansion haunted ?
I can't answer that question.

Does weird stuff happen there ?
Yes indeed !

I posted a link to a few Vicksburg hauntings earlier this Summer.
The Duff Green mansion is mentioned at the 4:53 mark:

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