Modern Dry, Dipped or Baptized

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Northern Light

Lt. Colonel
Forum Host
Jul 21, 2014
I am sure that taste amazing, LP, but it just doesn't look very appetizing. And all that greasy "gravy"? Uhmm.. no, thanks. :speechless: Very interesting video, though. I am assuming that Jeep had some money invested in these Chicago eating adventures?


First Sergeant
Jul 21, 2008
Sturgeon Lake Mn.
I like my beef with just the gravy that goes on with the beef; no dipping, spooning or soaking. I like the crusty bite of good fresh bread. A beef that’s too wet is just a soggy mess and lets them camouflage old, soft bread.

My favorite beef stands were Carm’s at Cicero and Harrison, Dolly Joe’s at Madison and Central and Linda’s at Laramie and Washington, all on the West Side. All long gone. Johnnie’s is still around but isn’t what it used to be according to old friends from Elmwood Park. My current favorite is Jay’s at Monrose and Narragansett. I like a combo with sweet peppers, they cook the sausage over a fire.

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