★ ★  Dodge, Grenville M.

Grenville Mellen Dodge:

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Born: April 12, 1831

Birthplace: Putnamville Massachusetts

Father: Sylvanus Dodge 1801 – 1871
(Buried: Walnut Hill Cemetery Council Bluffs Iowa)​

Mother: Julia Theresa Phillips 1802 – 1888
(Buried: Walnut Hill Cemetery Council Bluffs Iowa)​

Wife: Ruth Ann “Annie” Browne 1833 – 1916
(Buried: Walnut Hill Cemetery Council Bluffs Iowa)​


Lettie Dodge Montgomery 1855 – 1935​
(Buried: Simsbury Cemetery Simsbury Connecticut)​
Eleanor Dodge Pusey 1858 – 1931​
(Buried: Walnut Hill Cemetery Council Bluffs Iowa)​
Anne Dodge 1866 – 1950​
(Buried: Walnut Hill Cemetery Council Bluffs Iowa)​


1851: Graduated from Norwich University​

Occupation before War:

Surveyor and Ax Man for Illinois Central Railroad​
Worked for the Peoria division of Chicago and Rock Island Railroad​
Surveyor of Railroads in Council Bluffs Iowa​
Member of the Banking firm of Baldwin and Dodge​
Member of Council Bluffs Iowa City Council​

Civil War Career:

1861: Sent to Washington, D.C. to secure 6,000 muskets for Iowa​
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 4th​ Iowa Infantry Regiment​
1861: Pistol in his coat discharged causing wound in his left leg​
1862: Wounded in the side and hand at the Battle of Pea Ridge​
1862 – 1864: Brigadier General, Union Army, Infantry​

Commander of Union Forces in Corinth, Mississippi
1862: Served in the fighting at Hatchie River, Mississippi​
1862: Captured Confederate guerillas at Dyersburg, Tennessee​
1863: Attacked Tuscumbia, Alabama attacking Van Dorn​
1863: Intelligence Officer during the Vicksburg Campaign​
1863: Used method of building two story blockhouses near bridges​
1863: Aggressive with his recruitment of African American Soldiers​
1863: Asked by President Lincoln where point Union Pacific should be​
1863: General Grant petitioned for promotion of Dodge​
1863: Led successful expedition to Northern Alabama​
1863: Served in the skirmish at Rawhide, Alabama​
1864 – 1866: Major General, Union Army Volunteers​
1864: Corps Commander during the Atlanta, Georgia Campaign​
1864: Led Sweeney’s Division in the Battle of Atlanta, Georgia​
1864: Got into a fist fight with Thomas W. Sweeny​
1864: Corps Commander at the Battle of Ezra Church, Georgia​
1864: Shot in the head during the Siege of Atlanta, Georgia​
1864 – 1865: Union Army Commander of Department of Missouri​
1864 – 1865: Provided information for Thomas Clark Durant​
Commander of the Departments of Kansas, Nebraska, and Utah​
1865: Ordered the start of the Powder River Expedition​
1865: Found a pass for the Union Pacific Railroad in Wyoming​
1866: Resigned as Major General from the Union Army in May​

Occupation after War:

Chief Engineer of Union Pacific Railroad Company​
1867 – 1869: United States Congressman from Iowa​
1867 – 1869: Lobbyist on behalf of the Union Pacific Railroad​
1868: Delegate to Republican Party National Convention​
Helped complete negotiations for the First Transcontinental Railroad​
1876: Delegate to Republican Party National Convention​
President and Chief Engineer of Several Railroad Companies​
Moved to New York City to manage his business Interests​
Member of Commission to investigate Spanish American War Army​
Returned to his home in Council Bluffs, Iowa​

Died: January 3, 1916

Place of Death: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Cause of Death: Cancer of Rectum and Bladder

Age at time of Death: 84 years old

Burial Place: Walnut Hill Cemetery, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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