Doc Elden and the Black-Leg

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Feb 5, 2017
From H.N. Minnigh, Co.K, 1st Penna. Reserves

"And experienced gambler came to the front at a certain payday, put up his tent without opposition from the authorities, and opened a gambling hell, and a number of the boys were beaten out of their hard earned money by the wily rascal. Doc was lured into the den, and lost every cent he had in a very few games. He then took a favorable position and watched the gambler closely, and soon discovered the secret of his success, and concluded to beat him at his own game. But how? His money was gone. He approached one of his most intimate friends, (every member of the company was his friend,) and solicited the loan of $10, candidly revealing the facts, as stated above, asserting in addition, the positive assurance of retrieving his former losses. At this moment another comrade came in and heard the concluding words, and at his suggestion, each gave Doc $5, and having received the cash, he seemed very grateful, then turning to go he said, "I'll pay you back your money tonight." In about two hours, he returned to camp, paid back the borrowed money, promptly, and held in his hand quite a roll of greenbacks besides. When asked the question, "How did you do it?" He answered with a single word, "Bluffing."


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May 7, 2016
Great Story. Ive been a serious card player for many years and have learned that no matter how long you bluff eventually you have to put your cards on the table.