Do we know why Davis didn't just order Hardee to take permanent command after Bragg resigned?


Sergeant Major
Nov 12, 2016
Do we know why Davis didn't just order Hardee to take permanent command after Bragg resigned. Also do we know why Davis allowed Pemberton to resign as LT general when Pemberton had simply carried out Davis command to defend Vicksburg at all costs. Both men were competent officers equal to if not superior to Bragg, A S Johnston or Beauregard.


Jul 28, 2015
New York City
Davis seemed to be reluctant to forcibly compel any commander to assume a position that person did not want. He could have ordered Joe Johnston to take command of the AoT after he sent Johnston to review that army and Bragg's leadership after Stones River but he left it up to Johnston.


Aug 11, 2021
I mean, Pemberton surrendered because he had NO SUPPLIES to hold out. He was totally cut off from resupply of food; his men were reduced to eating rats to survive. He held out for two months, while Johnston sat pat and did nothing to help. I do not fault him for surrendering on good terms. To do otherwise in his situation would essentially be murder.
Johnston meanwhile, before the siege had even began, abandons Jackson City without a fight, basically leaving Pemberton in a lurch. Pemberton has orders to protect Vicksburg, so he's not willing to just abandon it. It was basically on Johnston to save the situation...which he doesn't. He sits pat for two months, only moving to do anything just a week before Pemberton is forced to surrender.
And that conceited argument of "if he was so bad, why did he get command of the Aot?", Davis was very reluctant to appoint Johnston, because he sucks; but every other option sucked worse.
I have to wonder if Johnson did so poor in the west because he was disgruntled about not being returned to Virginia to replace Lee after recovering from his injury. Then again he was not lighting the world on fire even before Lee replaced him. I still can’t understand why he made no attempt to coordinate an attack with Pemberton so his army could escape Vicksburg.