Discription Guidelines for Items Offered FOR SALE

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It is suggested that any items for sale as Original from the Civil War Period, be marked as such, and any items that are reproductions be marked clearly as well.

In order to provide fair and consistent descriptions of the conditions of items placed for sale in this forum, the following descriptions are suggested:

  • New - Item is new in original packaging.
  • Excellent Condition - Difficult to distinguish from items "new in original packaging". No exterior damage and no parts missing. Operates flawlessly.
  • Very Good - Very little if any exterior wear. All parts work flawlessly. Looks almost new upon cursory examination. Any parts missing must be listed.
  • Good - Signs of wear and tear. Any damage is slight/cosmetic damage, not likely to affect operation. Item should still perform as intended. Missing parts must be listed.
  • Fair - Significant wear visible. Damage may be greater, but still must operate. Missing parts and extent of damage must be listed.
  • Poor - Very significant wear/damage visible. Item may not always function, or function reliably. Damage may require repair to operate item.
In all categories, damage should be honestly reported. If there is a crack or noticeable scratch, list its length, width, depth and location on item. Missing parts should be listed in all cases. "In between" catagories may be used (ie, fair to poor), but an honest description of damage/wear/missing parts should always be given.

CivilWarTalk makes no representation as to quality, reliability, or honesty of any advertiser. Never hesitate to ask a seller for references.

As with all purchases of Civil War originals & replicas - Buyer Beware!

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Not open for further replies.

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