Digital technology digs up Battle of Atlanta


Jan 6, 2013
Buford, Georgia

The goal of Digital Atlanta: Mapping the Battle is to build a multimedia essay about the battle with accompanying maps and images for the Emory-based digital journal Southern Spaces. A free mobile phone "app" will also allow you take a tour of the historic sites on your own.

Mapping the Battle is one of several projects being created through the Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC), now part of the ECDS. Funded with a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, ECDS assists faculty members and graduate students in developing multidisciplinary projects using digital technology.


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Jun 18, 2005
Well the battle areas in Atlanta have been gone for nearly as long as the battles. Gone with the Wind comes to mind.

Visited someone in an Atlanta hospital a couple of decades ago. A marker on the hospital grounds stated the Battle of Peachtree Creek started in the area. I looked up and the area was a busy Atlanta street filled up with homes and buildings, with the most room left was on the hospital grounds.
If I went back to the scene, I know I wouldn't recognize the area. It's 20 years and Atlanta changes every decade.


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Nov 20, 2012
Its great that the Battle of Atlanta and battles of the Atlanta Campaign are getting some attention. There is a lack of information out there on these battles and of course the battlefields of Peachtree Creek, Atlanta, and others are covered by development, when they were open fields 150 years ago. I am sure next summer, during the 150th of the Atlanta Campaign these battles will get more attention.
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