Did Grant win the Civil War?


Sep 29, 2019
Grant is epic. But it was the machine of the northern navy and railroad logistics, that Grant used, that won the Civil War. It wasn't a struggle of personalities. The northern economy handed Grant one tool after another, and he used them as any common sense person would do.

I believe the issue was very few had insight how to utilize advantages the Union army had against the Confederacy, especially in the East. What seems like common sense today might not have been too obvious to the people at the time.


Feb 19, 2021
Los Angeles, California
Civil War generals often get the same treatment as Major League Baseball managers: if they lose, they get fired. If they win, people shrug say "sure, anybody could with THAT lineup!"

It's what you do with that lineup that counts.
Grant was no doubt exceptional, but if the tables were turned and he only had the resources of the Confederacy, he would not have accomplished as much as he did.

John S. Carter

Sergeant Major
Mar 15, 2017
Did Grant win the Civil War? No. Was he A winner in the Civil War? Yes. He got to President for 8 years, which repaid his wife for her patience during some hard times before and during the war. He got to tour the world and meet the heads of state! He went bankrupt trying to set his son up as a Wall Street power: but his friends and veterans bought thousands of his book, and set his widow up for life.
He died in bed, surrounded by loved ones.
Tempted by the Sirens of undeserved praise, and threatened by the Cyclops of the public press, he pressed on in his journey and drew the Scythian bow of victory. He avoided the Calypso charm of boozy retirement, and lived to tell the tale, in writing. Epic by any estimation, as I have previously blogged.
He drove the ANV till it could not fight any longer .His overall strategy of the war accomplished the total defeat of the Confederacy {with using Sherman going into the Deep South and destroying that area of the South and with Sheridan little escapade into the Valley}. As to being a "winner" ,you have a interesting statement, but what general accept for Pershing ,as not taken advantage of his accomplishments? As to his Presidency, his first term was successful while his second term is the one he is regardfully remembered. What father has not helped is son, even the present one has at least he did not cause his father embarrassment. He had throat cancer in his latter years. Read if you have the chance of what he endured. He wrote his memories while enduring this as to pay his debts and to provide for his wife and family from remaining in debt when he died. By the way this is from a great grandson of one who fought in a regiment from Alabama during the War for Southern Independence

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