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DEXTER: Civil War Days raises nearly $20,000 in proceeds

Published: Saturday, June 15, 2013
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By Sean Dalton

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Dexter Civil War Days participants, from left, Mike Harvey, Howard Saltz and Jim Hunt. (For Heritage Media/DAVID ARTUSHIN)
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DEXTER — Although the planned symbolic burning of the Gordon Hall mortgage didn’t happen at the end of the Civil War Days festivities Sunday afternoon, Dexter Area Historical Society members were very positive about the results of the event’s third year.

Based on preliminary numbers, Civil War Days raised nearly $20,000 in proceeds with an estimated $3,000 in expenses. At the outset of the weekend, the mortgage for Judge Samuel Dexter’s house stood at $240,000 in remaining principal.

Organizers credit the success of Civil War Days to the great presenters and re-enactors who bring the Civil War era to life for those who visit Gordon Hall at this time of year.

“The question that we get asked a lot is, ‘Do you actually sleep out here,’” said Steven Bucher, who was out with his wife Tammy living on the grounds of Gordon Hall as people would have lived in the wilds in the 1800s.

“I actually sleep on an 1840s rope bed … I look forward to it, I sleep better out here than on a modern bed,” Bucher said, as he and his wife cooked in cast iron pots and pans over an open fire.

The historian and cornerstone participant in Dexter’s yearly Civil War homage in support of Gordon Hall, spoke a great deal about the need to get more folks like the Bucher’s involved in re-enacting and generally keeping the oral conveyance of Civil War era history and lessons alive.

Captain Jethro Yates, 4th Texas Infantry, Company E, carried an original 1850s saber while leading his men with pride in mock conflict with Michigan’s 4th Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

He said that his men and their camp are as authentic as can be and that he was pleased to delight the crowd with this year’s skirmish and mock charge on a representative of Colonel Jeffords as both companies re-enacted the precise moment where Dexter’s noteworthy 19th century son sacrificed himself for duty and honor in his last living decision – to make a lone suicide charge in the opposite direction of his retreating unit to reclaim the flag that his men had dropped.

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