Detroit's Little French Corporal.

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Aug 25, 2012
Today I purchased Michigan History June 1962. During the Centennial the Michigan Historical Commission included several Civil War related articles in their magazine. I purchased this issue for the article Detroit's Little French Corporal by F. Clever Bald. Bald uses the 50 letters written by Victor Comte a French speaking Swiss immigrant living in Detroit. These 50 letters, all written in French, tell the war experiences of Victor Comte as he served in the 5th Michigan Cavalry. The article is interesting and give some insight in to the service of a Swiss immigrant.
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My reason for posting this is to ask how much do these kind of letters help us understand the war? Letters from privates, corporals, and sergeants often are mostly about common things and rarely add too much to our knowledge of campaigns and such, but do allow us to see what the common soldiers were thinking. Sadly Corporal Comte did not survive the war and his death ended his letter writing. Still Detroit's Little French Corporal by F. Clever Bald might be of interest of forum members who are interested in the 5th Michigan Cavalry.