★  Deitzler, George W.

George Washington Deitzler


Born: November 30, 1826

Birthplace: Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

Jacob L. Deitzler 1800 – 1891

Maria Mennig 1802 – 1850

Wife: Anna Mary “Annie” Neill 1838 – 1901
(Buried: San Francisco Columbarium, San Francisco, California)​


Mary Macey Deitzler 1865 – 1952​
(Buried: San Francisco Columbarium, San Francisco, California)​
Philip Deitzler 1866 – 1872​
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Kansas)​
Douglas Deitzler 1867 – 1867​
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Kansas)​
Stephen Neill Deitzler 1870 – 1870​
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Kansas)​
Georgie Dalton Deitzler Toohy 1874 – 1919​
(Buried: San Francisco Columbarium, San Francisco, California)​

Occupation before War:

Farmer and Real Estate Businessman in Kansas​
Leader in the free-state government movement in Kansas​
1857 – 1860: Member of Kansas Free-State Territorial legislature​
Speaker of Kansas House of Representatives​
Kansas State Senator​
Mayor of Lawrence Kansas and Trustee of University of Kansas​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Colonel of 1st​ Kansas Infantry Regiment​
1861: Wounded at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek​
1862 – 1863: Brigadier General of Union Army, Volunteers​
1863: Brigade Commander during the Vicksburg Campaign​
1863: Resigned from the Union Army on August 12th​
1864: Major General of Kansas State Militia​
1864: Commander of 10,000 Kansas State Militia against Price​

Occupation after War:

Railroad Promoter​

April 11, 1884

Place of Death: Tucson, Arizona

Cause of Death: His neck was broken close to his shoulders in a buggy accident

Age at time of Death: 57 years old

Burial Place: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Kansas
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South Texas
He relinquished command on April 22,1863 and went home on sick leave. While there he narrowly escaped Quantrill's raid on Lawrence, Kansas. He survived by hiding in a gulch. He later resigned from the Union Army. This bio states August 12th. Another bio of him states it was Aug. 27, 1863.