Dedication Day Nov. 19 to be a virtual event this year

Claude Bauer

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Jan 8, 2012
Looks like the annual Dedication Day ceremony commemorating Lincoln's Gettysburg Address will be a virtual event this year, according to this announcement posted by Gettysburg College. It's usually held in the Soldier's National Cemetery and is a collaboration between the National Park Service, the Lincoln Fellowship, the Gettysburg Foundation, and Gettysburg College. Always held on Nov. 19, it usually falls on a weekday and starts early in the morning, so a lot of people aren't aware of it or they're unable to attend. The only reenactor presence is the Color Guard--that's a picture of us from a previous year. (This is a completely separate event from the Remembrance Day parade where thousands of reenactors turn out--that event is also cancelled for this year.)

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