C.S. Legislative Branch -Davis, Reuben - C.S. Congressman, MS

Reuben Davis:
Born: January 18, 1813
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Birthplace: Winchester Tennessee
Father: Rev. John Gardner Davis 1763 – 1831
Mother: Mary Polly Easton 1767 – 1822
1st​ Wife: Mary Theodosia Halbert 1812 – 1865
(Buried: Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery Aberdeen Mississippi)
2nd​ Wife: Sarah Virginia “Sallie” Garber 1837 – 1916
(Buried: Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery Aberdeen Mississippi)
Reuben Davis Jr. 1872 – 1942
(Buried: Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery Aberdeen Mississippi)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Athens and Aberdeen Mississippi
1835 – 1839: Prosecuting Attorney Sixth Judicial District of Mississippi
1838: Unsuccessful Candidate for United States Congressman
1842: Judge of the High Court of Appeals in Mississippi
Elected Colonel of 2nd​ Mississippi Volunteers but saw no fighting
1855 – 1857: Mississippi State Representative
1857 – 1861: United States Congressman from Mississippi
1857 – 1859: Member of House Navy Expenditures Committee
1857 – 1859: Missed 548 Votes in the 35th​ Congress
1857 – 1861: Member of House Post Office and Post Roads Committee
1859 – 1861: Missed 433 Votes in the 36th​ Congress
1861: Withdrew from U.S. Congress on January 12th​

Civil War Career:
1861: Brigadier General in Mississippi State Troops
1862 – 1863: Confederate States Congressman from Mississippi
1862: Member of House Committee on Military Affairs
1862 – 1863: Absent at many voting calls
1862: Tried to abolish the House Military Affairs Committee
1862: Resigned from Military Affairs Committee in Protest
1863: Unsuccessful Candidate for Governor of Mississippi
1863: Resigned as Confederate States Congressman

Occupation after War:
1863 – 1890: Criminal Law Attorney in Aberdeen Mississippi
During Reconstruction he supported policy to repress former slaves

October 14, 1890
Place of Death: Huntsville Alabama
Age at time of Death: 77 years old
Burial Place: Odd Fellows Cemetery Aberdeen Mississippi


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
Besides the last name Davis and both being from Mississiippi they had nothing in common. Rueben was very "anti-Jefferson Davis". Maybe not the most vehement member of congress but one of them.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
In addition to trying to abolish thd Committee on Military Affairs he was opposed to the war effort and against the draft. After his resignation from the first Congress he offered no more service to the Confederacy.