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Jul 21, 2015
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Quite a day. For those who didn't see it in the pinned thread about our tour or don't otherwise know,our guide for the day was Norman Dasinger,Jr. He is a friend of our members @lelliott19 and @GaryV who are on the tour too. What a great itinerary he arranged for us today.

A number of members commented about how good his presentation was. Special mention was made about our morning session. The places we went are not part of CCNMP. They are there because of private organizations and the State of Georgia and they set the stage for and provide context for the battle. You might know how to find them using Blue & Gray Magazine but most people don't. Even James N. had not been to those places and you know how well-traveled he is.

And then there was the battle. We started this morning at Reed's Bridge and ended on the far left of the Union line at Snodgrass Hill in the fading daylight. He had a few maps and old photos and read from some ORs and soldiers' writings but it was mostly from memory. There was a lot of prewar and postwar biographical information and personal stories presented today too. It was just an awesome day. We couldn't have asked for a better. He is a nice guy too. I am gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight. Still thinking about the sights and sounds today and the carnage that occurred in some of the places where we stood. That is really just starting to sink in.

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Mar 15, 2013
EDIT TO ADD: This is a quick dialog summary of one of the more interesting stories we heard, but in recreated/fantasy text-message format. Text message conversations that might have been exchanged between participants if they had text capabilities. All in good fun.
MGRosy=Rosecrans; JNeg = James S Negley; AbBaird = Absalom Baird; BigGenBragg=Gen Bragg; MGHindman = Thomas C Hindman; and ±≥√Hill = DH Hill (math symbols)

The Battle Begins

MGRosy: JNeg u go 1st
JNeg: me? wheres AbBaird? y cant he go?
MGRosy: hes way behind.
JNeg: ummm how far behind?
MGRosy: nevermind just go
JNeg: ok but tell AbBaird 2 hurry
AbBaird: u scared rookie?

BigGenBragg: MGHindman u at the cove
MGHindman: notyet where’s ±≥√Hill?
BigGenBragg: duggap
±≥√Hill: not quite yet
BigGenBragg: ±≥√Hill hurry up - yall coordinate
MGHindman: coordinate with ±≥√Hill? yeah right
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Aug 25, 2013
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I know, @FarawayFriend! I was just thinking the same thing! So where we going next year?
Who knows?
Yesterday I would have said no chance... but last night, when I told Dirk about the reunion and showed him the photos he said if there will be a reunion again next year we might come over for just a week or so, as we have to take our longer vacation in summer.
So, there is hope again here to see you all again, and maybe even before I will retire in 8 years.
I promise, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Have a great time you all and thank you for letting us be part of your adventure!


Feb 18, 2013
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We had a great time. The weather reports were not good, but in the end the weather did not have any real impact on the tours with the exception of Frirday morning.
Much like the die hard golfers who say that it never rains on a golf course, the true Civil War Trekker feels the same way about a battlefield-even when they are dodging lightning bolts and pouring down rain. It looks as though you all are having a great time regardless of the weather.
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