CWT 2020 Calendar: JAN, FEB, & MAR Events! You Decide!


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I'm collecting a list of important Civil War events for each month to put on the upcoming CWT calendar.

I have my list of ideas, but I want to see your list!

Give me your list of important Birthdays, Battles, and Events from April 1861 to April 1865...
(and the most important events before and afterwards too!)

Birthdays: I'm looking for the Birthdays of Important and Interesting People from the Civil War. Not every Civil War General deserves to be on the calendar, or else the calendar will have 6 birthdays on every single day. Ideally we want to highlight 10 to 20 interesting people every month. One a day would be awesome, but that's not practical. I would hope that a well read student of Civil War history would recognize 90% or more of the names we select. Don't forget women, civilians, and the Navy too! Don't forget to include the birth Date and YEAR in your listing!

Battles: Here again, we probably won't highlight every single battle ever fought, but we sure want to mention the major ones, and if they span some time we may say the battle begins this day and ends this day. We want notable battles if they are small ones! Include the Dates including the YEAR, and the State fought in. Also if US or CS won battle, or if a Draw, we may include that in our listing! Depends on space limitations.

The one thing I'm not sure I want to mark are Death dates, unless you can convince me that's a good idea, I'm not really into that, I think that we've got plenty to look at with this, and Death Dates don't really add anything positive.....

With one exception. Lincoln's assassination. That's one day we can't/won't ignore.

Each event must be listed on a single day (no spanning multiple days!)

Also please write the event as you think it should be written on the Calendar: short, clean, and as concise as possible!

In a perfect calendar, I'd have 365 events and birthdays, one each for every day, but no, I don't believe I can't count on that happening.

In a few days I will ask for October events...


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January 8th: James Longstreet B - Day
January 16th: George Pickett B - Day
January 19th: Robert E. Lee B - Day

January 21st: Stonewall Jackson B - Day

February 2nd: Albert S. Johnston B - Day
February 3rd: Joseph E. Johnston B - Day
February 11th: Alexander Stephens B - Day
February 12th: Abraham Lincoln B - Day
February 14th: Winfield S. Hancock B - Day


March 22nd: Braxton Bragg B - Day
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January 1, 1863: The Emancipation Proclamation takes effect.

January 1, 1863: Battle of Galveston (Texas) - Confederate victory

January 8, 1830: Gouverneur K. Warren born in Cold Spring, New York

January 13, 1808: Salmon P. Chase born in Cornish, New Hampshire

January 13, 1865: Second Battle of Fort Fisher (North Carolina) begins

January 16, 1821: John C. Breckinridge born at "Thorn Hill" near Lexington, Kentucky

January 27, 1826: Richard Taylor born at "Springfield" near Louisville, Kentucky

January 29, 1843: William McKinley born in Niles, Ohio

January 30, 1816: Nathaniel P. Banks born in Waltham, Massachusetts

February 6, 1832: John Brown Gordon born in Upson County, Georgia

February 6, 1833: JEB Stuart born at "Laurel Hill", Virginia

February 6, 1862: Battle of Fort Henry (Tennessee) - Union victory

February 8, 1817: Richard Ewell born in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

February 8, 1820: William Tecumseh Sherman born in Lancaster, Ohio

February 11, 1862: Battle of Fort Donelson (Tennessee) begins

February 11, 1813: Harriet Jacobs born in Edenton, North Carolina

February 14, 1824: Winfield Scott Hancock born in Montgomery Square, Pennsylvania

February 20, 1864: Battle of Olustee (Florida) - Confederate victory

February 28, 1862: Battle of Island Number Ten (Missouri) begins

March 4, 1826: John Buford born in Woodford County, Kentucky

March 6, 1831: Philip Sheridan born in Albany, New York

March 6, 1862: Battle of Pea Ridge (Arkansas) begins

March 17, 1828: Patrick Cleburne born in Ovens, Ireland

March 19, 1865: Battle of Bentonville (North Carolina) begins

March 26, 1862: Battle of Glorieta Pass (New Mexico) - Confederate tactical victory. Union strategic victory.
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March 2, 1864: Ulysses S. Grant takes command of all Union armies

March 8, 1862: Battle of Hampton Roads (Virginia) begins
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