Miniatures CSS Charleston Scratch Build


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Mar 30, 2013
Kent ,England.
I don't have many photos of my ACW miniatures, but here is CSS Charleston as completed, with two Davids for size comparison. Scale: 1/600

James N.

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Feb 23, 2013
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Does anyone remember Caldwell's miniatures in Gettysburg ? I was able to get this many years ago . He made each figure individually out of Sculpey , a bakeable modelling clay .

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I have three of his figures: a standard Confederate artillery officer based on the famous painting by Shephard; an infantryman of the South Carolina Line, ca. 1776; and a not-very-good Marshal Ney I commissioned from him. (Napoleonics weren't his forte.) Chuck used to live in and work in the Dallas area and I got to know him then when he was selling to a local Militaria shop. I've visited him in his Gettysburg location, but it's no longer there, though I caught a glimpse of him there a couple of years ago. He's a WWII vet - Marines, I believe - and so is getting up in years!