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Samuel Wylie Crawford


Born: November 8, 1829

Birthplace: Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Father: Ebenezer Crawford 1789 – 1859
(Buried: Lowe Cemetery, Butler County, Pennsylvania)​

Mother: Jeanette Johnson Grant 1789 – 1877
(Buried: Emlenton Cemetery, Emlenton, Pennsylvania)​


1846: Graduated from University of Pennsylvania​
1850: Graduated from University of Pennsylvania Medical School​

Occupation before War:

1851 – 1861: Assistant Surgeon in United States Army​

Civil War Career:

1861: Surgeon at Fort Sumter during the bombardment​
1861: Major of United States Army 13th​ Infantry Regiment​
1861: Assistant Inspector General, Department of the Ohio​
1862 – 1865: Brigadier General of Union Army, Volunteers​
1862: Participated in the Valley campaign but saw no combat​
1862: Served in the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia​
1862: Temporary Division Commander at Battle of Antietam
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1862: Wounded in the right thigh during Battle of Antietam​
Pennsylvania Reserves, Division Commander in Washington, D.C.​
1863: Division Commander during Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania​
Commander of Garrison in the Richmond Siege​
1864 – 1869: Lt. Colonel of United States Army, 2nd​ Infantry Regiment​
1865: Brevetted Major General for his service in the War​
1865: Brevetted Brig. General, U.S. Army Gallantry, Battle of Five Forks​
1865: Present at the Surrender of Robert E. Lee at Appomattox​

Occupation after War:

1864 – 1869: Lt. Colonel of United States Army, 2nd​ Infantry Regiment​
1869 – 1873: Colonel of United States Army, 2nd​ Infantry Regiment​

Crawford's tombstone in Laurel Hill Cemetery.
Taken by Dwkaminski in Sept of 2020

1873: Retired from United States on February 19th​
1875 – 1892: Brigadier General on Retired U.S. Army List​

November 3, 1892

Place of Death: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cause of Death: Effects of a stroke he suffered on November 2 – 3

Age at time of Death: 62 years old

Burial Place: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He was not only surgeon at Fort Sumter but was given command of several of it's guns. After the surrender of Sumter he was made a Major in a newly organized infantry. This bio states the 13th but another source states it was the 14th infantry on May 14, 1861.