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Dec 16-31

JPK Huson 1863 for "Oh Bring Me Some Figgy Pudding!" and "Who Knew Godey's Knew Soup?"

E_just_E for "Ground "beef" and Arugula Wellington with pictures".

Anna Elizabeth Henry for " Holiday Breakfast Ring" and "The Feast of Seven Fishes".

Dec 1-15

Anna Elizabeth Henry for "The much maligned fruitcake", "Easy Chocolate Peppermint Truffles", and "Perfect Macaroni & Cheese".

CraftyMauiMamm for "Ono Bark".

nitrofd for "Gullah Food".

tdstepen for his thread "Methiglum Drink"

Nov 16-30

JPK Huson 1863 for "Era Wine Recipes" and "Flourless, Eggless, Foodless Recipes!"

Mary Dee for "The 19th Century Foodie".

Legion Para for "Forget Turducken It's Piecaken Time" and "Soul Warming Drinks for Cold Weather".

chellers for "To Shell and Back! The State Pie of Texas".

Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Thanksgiving Leftovers What To Do with all the excess?"

tdstepson for "Memoirs of Franklin Monroe Hudson on the Topic of Food During the Civil War".

Allie for "Vegetarian Thanksgiving Option: Stuffed Pumpkin".

Nov 1-15

Anna Elizabeth Henry for Green Bean Casserole- a little history behind the holiday favorite

Legion Para for Not All Honeys Are Created Equal

diavin for What are you drinking

JPK Huson 1863 for Cookbook, Pre 1923!

bekosh for Beer Bread.

Oct 16-31

LoriAnn for Hot Chocolate Recipe

Anna Elizabeth Henry for Turkey Pretzels, Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup, and Pumpkin Cheesecake Snicker doodles.

Legion Para for Blood Pudding.

bekosh for Wisconsin Native's Beer Cheese Soup

Northern Light for Tomato Bisque.

nitrofd for Carmel Fudge Cheesecake.

Oct 1-15

diane: Paul Prudhomme, Green Tomato Relish and her Tiger Blood Bites (cookies).

Anna Elizabeth Henry: Captain Sanderson's Comissary Stew, Essence of Coffee, and her Snickerdoodles (cookies).

Northern Light: Pumpkin Cheesecake and her Double Dark Mocha Drops (cookies).

nitrofd and his wife :: Key Lime Cookies

Sept 16-30

nitrofd for Apple Crisp.

diane for Raspberry White Chocolate Almond Cake.

hanna260 for White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies.

Anna Elizabeth Henry for Autumn Chowder

JPK Huson 1863 for Coffee Day! International? National? Does It Matter?

Sept 1-15

nitrofd and his "Conch Fritters".

18thVirginia and her "Windsor Court Truffle Egg Salad Sandwiches".

JPK Huson 1863 and her "Prince Edward Island Marmalade" and her thread on "Food Forum Civil War Nostalgia Photographs".

Aug 17-31

JPKHuson 1863 for her threads, "Northern Men of the War, They ate Too" and "Southern Men of the War Who Also Ate Food".

FarawayFriend for "Kullerpfirsich" (German Recipe)

diane for Peach Pie and Honey Spiced Peaches

hanna260 for Grandmother's Pie Crust and Peach Pie recipes

nitrofd for Monti Cristo Sandwich and Smoked Turkey Ruben.

Aug 1 -16

Allie for her recipes Easy Summer Duck Soup and Turnip pottage 1851.

yellowthornoftexas for the interesting thread root cellars.

nitrofd for the recipes Amish Corn Cakes and Shrimp Salad for summer.

July 17-31

@ole for May Well be older than the USCW (Romme Grot, Mush) and Mustard Pickles

July 1-16

@JPK Huson 1863 for Picnics and Parades and Marking Time, and South Carolina Johnny Cake With Saleratus.

@18thVirginia for Strawberry Angel Food Cake Trifle, Caromel Pie and Creole Tomatoes.

@nitrofd for Brown Sugar Fruit Dip.

June 16-30

hanna260 for Pumpkin Mochi and Blue Cheese Quiche.

kepi for thread, "Compare what they are to what we eat".

18thVirginia for thread "Whitney Plantation Kitchen".

June 1-15

John Winn for his Blue Cheese Dressing.

MRB1863 for Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe from Mother.

FarawayFriend for "Eier In Gruner Sosse" (Eggs in Green Sauce) and Post on Jelly Doughnuts.

hanna260 for Chinese Egg Custard.

diane for Blackberry Jam filled Doughnuts with White Chocolate Ganache and Toasted Hazelnuts.

May 16-31

Barrycdog for Mama Bessie's Brunswick Stew, Smoked Bacon Wrapped French Vidalia Onion, and Egg Substitutions.

nitrofd for Olive Oil Store and Pecan Meal.

hanna260 for the two Muffin recipes.

May 1 - 15

Civil War Orange Cake, Maw's Civil War Pie and Peas Pudding.

Sand Tarts and Pigeon Pie.

Coffee Jelly, Mushroom Meatball Sauce and Peach Pound Cake.

Vidalia Onions.


April 16-30

major bill
"Food and the Civil War"
"Preparing a muskrat?"

"Substitute for Coffee Sugar"
"Cutting Up Pork Rations"
"Dried Strawberries"

John Winn
"Chicken Piccata"

April 1-15

Northern Light
Peach Cobbler Day
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
Empanada Day, April 7
Hot Cross Buns

Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken
Measuring Up
North Georgia Citizen, Sep 26, 1889 -- page 6
Onion and Bacon Jam

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

March 16-31

Natural Easter Egg Dye at
How To Pickle Beef at
Mule Jerky a la Vicksburg at

Cannons and Confederate Cakes at
How to Butcher a Deer at
Pasta Tips at

Northern Light
Black Forest Trifle at
National Coq au Vin Day March 22 at
National Chip and Dip Day at
National Ravioli Day March 20 at

Old Hickory
Most Nutritious raw or whole Foods at
How is food storage different then from now? at

St. Joseph's Altars at

March 1-15

"What do bicycles and hamburgers have in common?
To Bake Shad: 1851
Three ways to make meatballs: Carolina Housewife 1851
Ekbaladoolas (Indian Peanut brittle)
Cucumber Sandwiches".

Today is Pi (3.14) day, so here is a recipe for the grandpa of all pies
Chocolate Potato Chips
Crabmeat and guacamole omelet".

Northern Light
Poires Helene Day
Swedish Meatballs
Crab Cakes
Banana Cream Pie Day

Feb 15-28


Parsnip Fritters

Plum Butter, Cranberry and Pineapple Pie

Authentic Hard Tack

Skillet Ham & Cheddar Cornbread

Farm and Home Cookbook


Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

Sugar Crusted Muffins


Soup for Lent from New Orleans

Grillades and Grits

Strawberries Romanoff

Lenten Seafood Recipe

Feb 1-14

Allie for
"Kosher butchers in the 1860's" at's.109061/
Pretty Pink Pasta for Valentine's Day at
1860 Hashed Beef at
Two 1896 Corned Beef Hash Recipes at

Barrycdog for
Scrap Stock at
Navy Bean Soup at
Rabbit Stew at
Spinach and Mushroom Pizza Bites at

Cupid Float at
Classic Tomato Soup at

Jan 16 - 31

Wendy's Chocolate Sheet Cake at:
Grilled Swiss Cheese Sandwich with Portobello
Sugar Mountain Sauce

Honey Vanilla Pound Cake
Blueberry Croissant Bread Pudding
Sweet & Salty Peanut Butter Caramel Funky Fritos

JPK Huson 1863
"Dear Mother, Today The Dining Room Looks Like Home"
"Cooks Whose Food You Would Like Or Else"

Great_Grandmother's Pecan Pie

James B. White
Chocolate Pudding in Paste, Bread with Tomato Sauce and Beef and Cheese Sandwiches

Jan 8-15

JPK Huson

And They Made That Pie How? Our Era Kitchens, Women Magicians, That's How!'s-how.108246/

Barycdog -

Southern Johnnie Cake

Homemade Potato Fudge

Northern Light -

Allie -

Billy_Mojo -
Big Easy Vegetable Beef Barley Soup

Easy Meatball Submarine Casserole

Jan 1-7

Barrycdog -

Confederate Cornbread

Pioneer Coffee

Sally Lund Bread

Northern Light

"Soup, Glorious Soup", Chicken Noodle Soup


Big Easy Chili

Ranch Dressing


Hard tack, corn pone and Pellagra

Jam Bolaya-the first recipe


Mexican Brownies
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