Period Cook Awards for July 16 thru 31, 2020 for Authentic, Period, Recreated, History and Camp Food and For Month of July 2020


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The Food Forum at Civil War Talk is pleased to announce Cook Awards for July 16 thru 31, 2020 and for Month of July.

There were many interesting posts and threads.

The winners for July 16 thru 31 are:

@Viper 21 for "19th Century Canning...?"


@lupaglupa for "Egg Balls" and "Baked Mushrooms".

Congratulations to them and thanks for posts.

They are also winners for the month of July, 2020.

Great threads and dishes.
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Congrats everyone! I sure do wish I could eggs, but alas, I’ve become, “sensitive” to them.Not a true allergic reaction, but they do not agree with me at all! (Baked goods seem to be ok)..