Period Cook Awards for Authentic, Period, Recreated, and History for Sept. 1 thru 15, 2019


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The Food Forum is pleased to announce the cook awards for Authentic, Period, Recreated and History for Sept. 1 thru 15, 2019. We had so many great recipes and posts. Thanks to all of you who post.

The winners are:

@Yankee Brooke for "Authentic Civil War Recipes".

@Stiles/Akin for "Salad Dressing".

@JPChurch for "Pickled Peppers".

@Albert Sailhorst for "Sept. 20 - National Punch Day - Mississippi Punch!".

@JPK Huson 1863 for "Rarebit, Welsh And Elsewhere".

@Waterloo50 for "1796 - Coffee Eggs".

@Eleanor Rose for "Cream of Peanut Soup".

Congratulations and many thanks to all.
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