Confederates who wore green uniforms.

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Aug 25, 2012
Virginia Alexandria Rifles, 6th​ Bn Virginia Volunteers green frock
Virginia Hunter Woodis, 54th​ Virginia Militia, 3rd​ Bn (6th​ Virginia Rgt)
green frock
Virginia, Beauregard Rifles a.k..a.. Lynchburg Beauregards (Moorman’s
company Virginia Horse Artillery) grey shirt with green plastron
Virginia, Montgomery Guard, Co C, 1st​ Virginia Volunteers, green
Virginia, Emmitt Guards,17th​ Virginia Volunteer Infantry Rgt,
Company G, green shell jacket.
Virginia, Kanawah Riflemen dark green frock and trousers
Virginia, Beauregard Rifles a.k.a. The Zouaves, Gray shirt with green
plastron and trim
Georgia 5th​ Infantry Rgt, officers wore green frock
Georgia, Muscogee Rifles green frock and trousers
Georgia, Clinch rifles double breasted dark green frock and shell jackets
and hat
Alabama, Emerald Guards, green frock
Alabama, Mobile Rifles dark green coatee and trousers
Alabama, Montgomery Rifles green kersey uniforms
Alabama, The 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment was commanded by a Mexican-American War vet to start named Colonel John J. Seibels. He made all of the officers of the regiment wear double-breasted green frock coats with Federal eagle buttons on them. General (then Captain) John B. Gordon said they wore these for the first 12 months of their enlistment.
Louisiana, Pelican Rifles, 1860,dark green coat and pants. Also said to
wear later in 1860 green dress frock or hunter shirt
Louisiana, Jefferson Rifles blue frock with green trim.
Louisiana, Delta Rifles, wore green hunting shirts with fringe to include
the sleeves
South Carolina
Charlotte Light Dragoons, green coatee early in war.
South Carolina The Gist Riflemen (Williamston), Green frock and t
trousers or green hunter shirt
South Carolina, Rhett Guard (Newberry), 1st​ South Carolina green
hunting frock
South Carolina Montgomery Guard dark green coatee
Lexington Rifles of wore rifle-green frock coats, caps and
Mississippi, Mississippi Rifles, dark green frock and trousers
Florida green uniforms
Texas, Tom Green Rifles gray with green trim.
Tennessee, Memphis Light Dragoons (Co A, 6th​ Tennessee
Cav. Bn.) a green jacket
Tennessee, Tennessee Cadets (Memphis) wore a dark green coat.
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