Confederate Veterans Buried in Hollywood Cemetery From Camp Lee Soldiers' Home

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Brev. Brig. Gen'l
Dec 3, 2011
Laurinburg NC


The Confederate Veterans Home (Lee's Camp) was located on a 36-acre tract of land at the corner of what is now Grove Avenue and Boulevard. The home officially opened on January 1, 1885 after several years of planning and fund-raising by prominent citizens of Richmond, Virginia. Several cottages were constructed on the grounds for the veterans to live in, and in 1888 a Chapel was added. From 1885 to the mid 1940's, thousands of Confederate Veterans called Lee's Camp home.
The land on which the Lee's Camp was located now contains the Virginia Historical Society, United Daughters of the Confederacy Headquarters and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
Foreseeing the need for burial space, Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia set aside areas as the final resting place of these heroes.
The first Veteran from the Lee Camp Soldiers Home to be buried in Hollywood cemetery was W. G. Carter, who served in Company "G" of the 5th Alabama Infantry Regiment. He died on October 15 1894 at the age of 74. The last Veteran to be buried in Hollywood from the soldiers home was Franklin Boyd Hollingworth who died on April 17, 1946.

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