Overland Confederate Unit Strengths in the Overland Campaign (Army, Corps, Division, and/or Brigade)

(Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor)

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Just thought to myself: do these figures reflect the arrival of attached units like the 20th SC to Kershaw's old brigade, or the 12th Georgia Battalion to Gordon's/Evans' brigade? Considering how the numbers are sperated for Perry's and Finegan's Florida Brigades, I assume they aren't counted. But Im willing to be wrong; I guess the casualty rates were to the point that new arrival units would not bring up the strengths back up to prior numbers.

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Additionally, any more detail on the troops in the Valley? We see here Echol's Brigade and Wharton's Brigade, recently from New Market, at 1345 and 1040 men. Echol's brigade only had one regiment (George Patton Sr.'s 22nd Virginia) and 2 battalions (23rd and 26th Virginia), meaning it's units are quite large for the timeframe.
According to J. L. Scott in his regimental history, 45th Virginia, with Browne's (3rd) Brigade at Cloyd Mountain Piedmont, had a wopping 840 men present at the end of april, and at Piedmont had 725 men, if the math is correct. I can not get much more detail except for some numbers for the cavalry regiments, still incomplete. And most of the information in this paragraph is sourced from Wikipedia articles, as credible as those can be.
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Reading in Patchan's The Last Battle of Winchester.
In Appendix C, listing the strength of Confederate units involved in the Campaign from the time Sheridan arrived, Fitz Lee's Cavalry Division numbers just 1,500 men. I presume this is partly from combat action, and partly from loss of mounts over the campaign season. He ends the battle with about 1,000 men.
Again, would love to find more detailed numbers for the Cavalry somewhere, hopefully for the brigade level commands. I believe Rhea put Gordon's 3 Tarheel Regiments at 1500 men. But I probably misread that, or that has come from another estimation.

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Johnson report his strength (in effectives) on 16th June thus:

BrigadeCommanded byEffective StrengthAggregate Strength
Ransom’sCol. Paul F. Faison25812730North Carolina Troops
Johnson’sCol. Jonathan S. Fulton633708Tennessee Troops
Wise’sCol. P.R. Page13631462Virginia Troops
Elliott’sBrig. Genl. Elliott18872050South Carolina Troops
Gracie’sBrig. Genl. A. Gracie9441394Alabama Troops
6 companies of 64th Georgia RegimentCapt. Pritchett160180Georgia Troops

Johnson's bde took 12 casualties 7-9 May.

Casualties on 16th May were:

Ransom: 215
Johnson: 319
Gracie: 314
(Wise and Elliot/Evans not at Drewry's Bluff)

Wise took 180 casualties 17-20 May.

This implies the brigade strengths were:

Ransom: 2,876 effectives
Johnson: 964 effectives
Wise: 1,543 effectives
Elliot/Evans: 1,887 effectives
Gracie: 1,258 effectives
Total: 8,528 effective infantry

From searches for returns:

Two brigades of Buckner's Division were ordered from the Dept of East Tennessee to Richmond, under Bushrod Johnson.
  • Bushrod Johnston's Brigade: OR 36(2), 1010, which is a 15 May field return giving 871 effectives, and 852 effectives at Swift Creek.
  • Gracie's Brigade: OR 36(2), 988: 1,578 effectives on 10th May.
Evans' Brigade is spread out, and no-one knew the brigade's strength.
  • Holcombe Legion cavalry battalion: at Richmond with 201 effectives on 10th May
  • No other returns found
For Ransom, taking the February monthly return and knocking off the casualties sustained in the meantime gives 2,701 (by Newton, Lost for the Cause)

Wise's brigade is in SC before the campaign and brought up. No returns located.
I did not ask because I did not think it relevant. But with the numbers you have for Johnson's Division, I presume there are similar numbers for Hoke's and Pickett's division (plus Hoke's old brigade) here as well from their time with Beauregard. The numbers Young gives for these are, of course, when they return to the AoNV. So, what were their strengths during the Bermuda Hundred Period?


Feb 20, 2005
5/6/64 Weldon, Beauregard to Davis-Am still confined to my tent by sickness, but hope to leave tomorrow morning for Petersburg, where I am concentrating as rapidly as possible all available troops. I will then do all in my power to meet successfully present emergencies. We are most happy to hear of Lee's success yesterday.

5/6 I have ordered Hunton's Bgde, 1,700 strong, at Chaffin's farm, to reinforce Drewry's Bluff, to be replaced by a Bgde from Hanover Junction.

5/7 Memorandum field return of troops at Swift Creek-

Eff Total-total present-Agg present
Johnson’s Bgde 852 1,059 1,168
Hagood’s Bgde 2,179 2,248 2,370
51st NC 683 727 773
Hankins Btry
Humes’ Btry
Total present 4,316

These were the only forces under command of Gen Johnson when the report was called for on the 7th

5/11/64 Petersburg, Beauregard to Bragg-Shall I order forward Walker's Bgde & Folk's Cav Regt [6th NC Cav] now at Kinston! One Regt of Martin's Bgde now at Plymouth & Washington, Wise's Bgde now guarding this place, & Dearing's Cav Bgde en route for this city, & two Regts of State troops are the only forces between here & Wilmington.

5/14/64 Petersburg, Whiting to Wise cdg District-please see to sending the negro laborers to Gen Hill at the ford on Swift Creek. Gen Hill says it is of the utmost importance. Send the Ga Regt that arrived last night to strengthen Martin.

5/16/64 Wise’s Bgde numbered 2400 –The Life of Henry Wise

5/18 Johnson’s Bgde is assigned to Ransom’s Div & Kemper’s Bgde to Hoke. The exchange to be made quickly

Gen D H Hill is assigned to the command of the Div of Wise & Martin’s Bgdes & Dearing’s Cav Bgde
Ransom’s Bgde is assigned temporarily to Johnson’s Div-Colquitt is assigned to Hoke’s Div

5/19 Martin's Bgde was assigned to a newly organized Div commanded by Maj Gen Hoke

5/20/64 Pursuant to instructions from the War Dept, the Bgde of Brig-Gen Gracie will proceed to Chaffin’s Bluff & report to the cdg Gen of the Dept of Richmond, relieving the Bgde of Brig-Gen Hunton. The Bgde of Brig-Gen Colquitt will relieve that of Brig-Gen Gracie at once. By command of Gen Beauregard

5/20/64 Davis to Lee-...Gen Evans' Bgde, under the command of Gen Walker, is at Petersburg, with some Arty & Cav; strength not known.
I have ordered Pickett’s Div & Hoke's Bgde to be sent up to you.
Hoke's, Barton's, & part of Kemper's Bgde have gone, numbering 3,377.
The remainder of Kemper's & part of Corse's Bgde are expected to go this evening, numbering 1,600.
Gracie's Bgde has been ordered from the south side to relieve Hunton's at Chaffin's Bluff. Its number is 1,600.
There will then remain under Gen Beauregard, including the troops at Petersburg (as reported to me), 14,500 Infy, 2,500 Cav, & 1,000 Arty.

Others en route from the south & the 1st may be expected to arrive today or tomorrow. I cannot state the number on the road, but do not expect more than about three Bgdes.

5/21/64 Abstract from field return of troops in Hoke's Div
Present for duty- Officers/Men Agg present
Martin’s Bgde....... 136/1,822 1,958
Hagood’s Bgde....... 93/1,444 1,809
Clingman’s Bgde...123/1,433 1,596
Colquitt’s Bgde..... 135/1,569 1,875
Read’s Bn Arty… 17/355 418
Grand total.......... 502/6,623 7,656


6/4/64 Weldon Bridge The importance of this bridge is well [known]; defenses very extensive. Troops stationed in amid around Weldon on the 1st were:

68th NC Regt, Col. J. W. Hinton 548

Mallett’s Bn, Maj Hahr 349

1st Bn Reserves, Maj Broadfoot 259

Capt Shaw’s Arty Co 29

Capt Cherry’s Cav Co, 4th Regt 63

Capt Chappell’s Infy Co 32

Total 1, 290

The bridge guard consisted of thirty men, well armed, from the 68th NC Regt, two officers. Col J. W. Hinton, cdg post.



Drewry’s Bluff-Maj Terrett

Terrett’s Marine Bn 175 eff

Maj Smith’s Arty Bn 230 eff

Total 405 eff

Between Drewry’s & Swift Creek

Johnson’s Div:

Walker 2400

Johnson 785

Wise [3 Regts]1390

Total 4575 eff

Mosely Arty Bn 450

[Btrys of Pegram, Wright, Miller, Cumming, Slaten’s Sctn, Bradford’s Sctn]

62nd​ Ga Cav 300
Va Cav [3] 120


Total 5445

Swift Creek lines:
64th​ Ga 400
Martin’s Btry 120
Cav dtchmt 40
Total 560

South of Swift creek around Petersburg:
Reserves 350
46th​ Va 500
7th​ SC Cav 250
Sturdivant’s Btry 120
Ferebee’s Cav 306 [4th NC Cav]
Total 1526 [by math 1326]
Total 7936

8/9/64 Beauregard's Command in Dept of NC & Southern Va
Corps: Gen Beauregard

Johnson's Div
Gracie's Bgde

4lst Ala Infy Regt
43rd Ala Infy Regt
59th Ala Infy Regt
60th Ala Infy Regt
20th Ala Infy Bn

Elliott's Bgde: Col F.W. McMaster
l7th SC Infy Regt
l8th SC Infy Regt
22nd SC Infy Regt
23rd SC Infy Regt
26th SC Infy Regt

Ransom's Bgde: Col L. M. McAfee
24th NC Infy Regt
25th NC Infy Regt
35th NC Infy Regt
49th NC Infy Regt
56th NC Infy Regt

Wise's Bgde: Col J.T. Goode
26th Va Infy Regt
34th Va Infy Regt
46th Va Infy Regt
59th Va Infy Regt

Hoke's Division:

Clingman's Bgde
8th NC Infy Regt
3lst NC Infy Regt
5lst NC Infy Regt
6lst NC Infy Regt

Colquitt's Bgde:
6th Ga Infy Regt
19th Ga Infy Regt
23rd Ga Infy Regt
27th Ga Infy Regt
28th Ga Infy Regt

Martin's Bgde: Col C.T. Zachry
17th NC Infy Regt
42nd NC Infy Regt
66th NC Infy Regt

Hagood's Bgde:
11th SC Infy Regt
2lst SC Infy Regt
25th SC Infy Regt
27th SC Infy Regt
7th SC Infy Bn

Arty: Col H.P. Jones
Read's Bn
Blount's Btry
Macon's Btry
Marshall's Btry
Sullivan's Btry

Moseley's Bn
Cumming's Btry
Miller's Btry
Slaten's Btry
Young's Btry

Bogg's Bn
Martin's Btry
Sturdivant's Btry

Coit's Bn
Bradford's Btry
Pegram's Btry
Wright's Btry


Feb 20, 2005
Walker? Is this refering to Col. Wallace? Or is this another general named Walker who just leaves the brigade?
(Also, big thank you for this wonderful information)

In the late spring of 1864 it was ordered to the Petersburg area. Evans was injured in an accident in Charleston & Gen William S. Walker was given temporary command until he was wounded & captured at Clay's Farm. Stephen Elliott was then given command & the Bgde officially became Elliott's Bgde. It was in the trenches at Petersburg & was positioned directly over the mine at the Battle of the Crater. Elliott was seriously wounded at the Crater & William H. Wallace was given command. Wallace's Bgde retreated with Lee to Appomattox where it surrendered 631 men.

Wandering to Glory: Confederate Veterans Remember Evans' Bgde.

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I have now gotten my hands on Young's book. I've been paging through the tables, and have found the tables. I've found the reinforcement table on page 233. Wish I had a scanner, because this is some interesting info:

First Corps, Pickett's Division, on its arrival May 21st, had 5370 men, presume that number counts in divisional staff and whatnot. Meanwhile Young places the strength of the 20th South Carolina at 850 men. Finnegan's Brigade, as already noted in the previously posted tables, came still in battalion organization, with 1270 men, and were assigned to Anderson's/Mahone's Division.

Second Corps is a little more interesting in terms of reinforcements. Lewis' Brigade numbers 1360 men still. But he also lists the two regiments from Rodes' Division (12th Georgia and 43rd North Carolina) with 855 men. Gordon's Division meanwhile received the 12th Georgia Battalion, plus a Independent Company assigned to 38th Georgia, with 450 men; I've seen records that say the 12th Battalion had 410 men, leaving the remaining 40 men to that additional company.

Hoke's Division, meanwhile, joined Lee with 6850 men, but this doesn't count three detached companies of 250 men, meaning the division stood at 7100 men (by far the largest under Lee at Cold Harbor). Breckinridge's Command numbers 2510 men, and the Maryland Line attached numbers 900 men (with 285 in the 2nd Infantry; 375 in the 1st Cavalry Battalion; and 240 artillerymen). Attached to Hoke's Division is the 38th Virginia Artillery, formerly Pickett's Divisional artillery command, before the artillery reorganization; it numbers 375 men.

Then there's the cavalry. The 7th and 20th Georgia Cav joins Pierce Young's Brigade with 985 men; the 3rd North Carolina Cavalry joins what was Gordon's Tarheel Cavalry in the "third week of May" with 550 men. And Butler's new brigade is placed at 1990 strong (much more reasonable than the absurd number of 3550 I've seen the constituent units at in South Carolina before being shipped off). Finally, from Beauregard's Command, 8 companies of the 7th South Carolina Cavalry (510 men) and 42nd Virginia Cav Battalion (420)

So, all this combined gives us a total of 20050 Infantry (or equivalent); 4830 cavalrymen; and 615 artillerymen. If these men had been available at the start of the campaign, Lee would have had under his command 71405 infantry; 13680 cavalrymen; and 6290 artillery; for a grand total of 91375 fighting men.

I'm going to do more reading, but I found these tables to be a wonderful resource.

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So, now, I am looking at the brigade casaulty tables. Want to use this oppurtunity to look at Pickett's divisional and brigade strengths prior to the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, as he provides seperate tables for their casualties in those battles. I'll look into the state of Hoke's division in another post.

Now, Pickett's Division had spent the year resting and refitting after its disaster at Gettsyburg. Pickett's Division is split up between other commands during the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, but is reunited and sent north to reinforce Lee at the North Anna.

Let's begin with Kemper's Brigade. Terry's May 21st total is 1110 men. It had fought at Drewry's Bluff and suffered 353 casualties (85 KIA; 255 WIA; 1 Wounded and Captured; and 12 MIA), meaning it went into action there 1463 men. I would add back the Milford Station, but I'm uncertain by what the tabulation for the May 21st numbers, whether it is before the action which unfolded there. For the sake of notary, the unit lost 93 men there (2 KIA; 20 WIA; 3 W&C; and 68 MIA, captured).

Barton's Brigade: May 21st total stands at 1210 men. It fought at Chester Station and Drewry's Bluff, suffering 615 casualties (101 KIA; 481 WIA; 2 W&C; and 31 MIA). Adding these back gives Barton's Brigade 1825 men.

Corse's Brigade was the only one of it's division to not have fought in the bloody battle of Gettysburg. It's organization is bizzare, as it swapped regiments with Hunton's Brigade; during the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, the 18th Virginia was assigned to Corse, while the 32nd Virginia served under Hunton. I believe it joined Lee's army in this awkward configuration (but I need to do more reading on Young's entry on the division. Anyway: On May 21st, the brigade numbered 1355 men. It fought at Drewry's Bluff, suffering 421 casualties (81 KIA; 321 WIA; 2 W&C; and 17 MIA), 38 of these coming from the 18th Virginia. Adding these numbers back give the brigade a strength of 1776 men.

Finally is Hunton's Brigade. Hunton's men had been defending Richmond, and were not present at Drewry's Bluff. It's May 21st tally is 1660 men.

Looking at the outline of this information, I'd like to make a comparison between the division in May of '64 with it's condition at Gettysburg only 10 months prior. Using CivilWarTalk's OoB for the battle and its numbers.

July, 1863:
- Garnett's (Hunton's) Brigade: 1459 men
- Kemper's Brigade: 1634 men
- Armistead's Brigade: 2055 men
- Total: 5148 men

May 1864:
- Hunton's Brigade: 1660 men
- Kemper's (Terry's) Brigade: 1463 men
- Barton's Brigade: 1825 men
- Total: 4948 men

Pickett's Division didn't fully recover its strength by the start of campaign season, 1864. The addition of Corse's Brigade brings up the division's strength to 6724 men, which made gave the division a potent paper strength.