Confederate Order of Battle for the Atlanta Campaign, Second Phase (July 17th - July 28th)

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Nov 8, 2018
This is a follow up to a previous thread detailing the Confederate OoB before Hood's ascension to command. I shall link it here so you may check that out as well.
This will detail the period from Hood's ascension to command, to the end of the Battle of Ezra Church.

  • Army of Tennessee: LtG John Bell Hood(Assigned to command as Temporary full General July 17th)
    • Chief of Staff: BG William Mackall (Until July 24th); BG Francis Shoup (From July 25th)
    • Chief of Artillery: BG Francis Shoup (Until July 25th); Col. Robert F. Beckham (From July 25th)
    • Hardee's Corps: LtG William J. Hardee
      • Cheatham's Division: BG George Maney
        • Maney's Brigade: Col. Francis M. Walker(KIA Bald Hill July 22nd); Col. George C. Porter
          • 1st/27th TN: Ltc. John L. House
          • 6th/9th TN: Col. George C. Porter; Ltc. John W. Buford
          • 19th TN: Maj. James G. Deaderick
          • 34th (4th P.A.) TN: Ltc. Oliver A. Bradshaw
          • 50th TN Consolidated: Col. Stephen H. Colms
        • Strahl's Brigade: BG Otho Strahl(WIA Bald Hill July 22nd); Ltc. James D. Tillman
          • 4th/5th TN: Maj. Henry Hampton
          • 24th TN: Col. John A. Wilson (WIA July 22nd); Ltc. Samuel E. Shannon
          • 31st TN: Ltc. Fountain E. P. Stafford
          • 33rd TN: Ltc. Henry C. McNeill
          • 41st TN: Ltc. James D. Tillman; Maj. T. G. Miller (WIA July 22nd); Capt. A. M. Kieth
        • Wright's Brigade: BG John C. Carter
          • 8th TN: Col. John H. Anderson
          • 16th TN: Capt. Benjamin Randals
          • 28th TN: Ltc. David C. Crook
          • 38th TN: Ltc. Andrew D. Gwynne (Captured July 22nd); Maj. Hamilton W. Cotter
          • 51st/52nd TN: Ltc. John W. Estes
        • Vaughan's Brigade: Col. Michael Magevney
          • 11th TN: Col. George W. Gordon
          • 12th/47th TN: Col. William M. Watkins (WIA July 20th); Ltc. J. N. Wyatt (WIA July 20th); Capt. Joseph Carthell
          • 29th TN: Col. Horace Rice
          • 13th/154th TN: Maj. William J. Crook
      • Cleburne's Division: MG Patrick R. Cleburne
        • Govan's Brigade: BG Daniel C. Govan
          • 1st/15th AK: Ltc. William H. Martin (WIA July 22nd)
          • 2nd/24th AK: Col. Elisha Warfield (WIA July 22nd); Ltc. Eldridge G. Brasher (WIA July 22nd); Maj. Amzi T. Meek
          • 5th/13th AK: Col. John E. Murray (KIA July 22nd); Col. Peter V. Green
          • 6th/7th AK: Col. Samuel G. Smith (WIA July 22nd); Ltc. Fester J. Cameron (WIA July 22nd); Maj. William F. Douglass (WIA July 22nd); Capt. J. T. Robinson
          • 8th/19th AK: Col. George Baucum (WIA July 22nd); Ltc. Anderson Watkins (KIA July 22nd); Ltc. Augustus S. Hutchison (WIA July 22nd); Maj. David H. Hamiter
          • 3rd Confederate: Capt. Mumford H. Dixon
        • Lowrey's Brigade: BG Mark P. Lowrey
          • 16th AL: Ltc. Frederick A. Ashford
          • 33rd AL: Ltc. Robert F. Crittenden
          • 45th AL: Col. Harris D. Lampley (WIA and Captured July 22nd); Ltc. Robert H. Abercrombie
          • 32nd MS: Col. William H. H. Tison (WIA July 22nd)
          • 3rd MS IB: Ltc. John D. Williams (Captured July 22nd); Capt. Thomas P. Connor
        • J. A. Smith's Brigade: BG James A. Smith(WIA Bald Hill July 22nd); Ltc. Robert B. Young
          • 5th Confederate: Maj. Richard J. Person (Captured July 22nd); Capt. Aaron A. Cox
          • 35th/48th TN IR: Capt. Henry G. Evans
          • 6th/15th TX Consolidated: Col. Robert Garland (WIA July 22nd); Capt. Steven E. Rice (Captured July 22nd); Lt. Thomas L. Flynt
          • 7th TX: Capt. J. William Brown
          • 10th TX: Col. Roger Q. Mills (WIA July 22nd); Ltc. Robert F. Young; Capt. John A. Formwalt
          • 17th/18th TX Cavalry (Dismounted): Capt. George D. Manion (WIA July 22nd); Capt. William H. Perry
          • 24th/25th TX Cavalry (Dismounted): Maj. William A. Taylor
      • Walker's Division (Disbanded July 24th; Brigades reassigned to the rest of the Corps): MG William H. T. Walker (KIA Bald Hill July 22nd); BG Hugh Mercer
        • Stevens' Brigade (Reassigned to Bate's Division July 24th): BG Clement H. Stevens (MWIA Peachtree Creek July 20th); Col. George A. Smith III (WIA Bald Hill July 22nd); Col. J. Cooper Nisbet (Captured Bald Hill July 22nd); Col. William J. Winn; BG Henry R. Jackson(Assigned July 29th)
          • 1st GA Confederate: Col. George A. Smith III; Capt. William J. Whitsitt
          • 25th GA: Col. William J. Winn; Maj. A. W. Smith
          • 29th GA: Capt. John W. Turner
          • 30th GA: Ltc. James S. Boynton
          • 66th GA: Col. J. Cooper Nisbet; Capt. Thomas L. Langston
          • 1st GA Sharpshooters Battalion: Maj. Arthur Shaaff
        • Gist's Brigade (Reassigned to Cheatham's/Maney's Division): BG States Rights Gist(WIA Bald Hill July 22nd); Col. James McCullough
          • 46th GA: Maj. Samuel J. C. Dunlop
          • 65th GA: Capt. William G. Foster
          • 2nd GA Sharpshooter Battalion: Maj. Richard H. Whiteley
          • 8th GA Battalion: Ltc. Zachariah L. Watters
          • 5th MS: Col. John Weir; Ltc. John B. Herring
          • 8th MS IR: Col. John C. Wilkinson (KIA July 22nd); Capt. H. W. Crook (WIA July 22nd)
          • 16th SC: Col. James McCullough; Capt. John W. Boling
          • 24th SC IR: Col. Ellison Capers (WIA July 22nd); Ltc. Jesse S. Jones
        • Mercer's Brigade (Reassigned to Cleburne's Division July 24th): BG Hugh Mercer; Col. William Barkuloo; Ltc. Cincinnatus S. Guyton; Col. Charles Olmstead
          • 1st GA Volunteers: Col. Charles Olmstead (WIA July 22nd); Maj. Martin J. Ford
          • 54th GA: Ltc. Morgan Rawls (WIA July 22nd)
          • 57th GA: Col. William Barkuloo; Ltc. Cincinnatus S. Guyton
          • 63rd GA: Maj. Joseph V. H. Allen
      • Bate's Division: MG William B. Bate
        • Orphan Brigade: BG Joseph H. Lewis
          • 2nd KY: Col. James W. Moss
          • 4th KY: Ltc. Thomas W. Thompson
          • 5th KY: Ltc. Hiram Hawkins
          • 6th KY: Col. Martin H. Cofer; Maj. George W. Maxson
          • 9th KY: Col. John W. Caldwell
        • Tyler's Brigade: Col. Thomas Benton Smith(Promoted to BG July 29th)
          • 37th GA: Ltc. Joseph T. Smith
          • 4th GA Sharpshooters: Maj. Theodore D. Caswell; Capt. W. M. Carter
          • 2nd TN: Col. William D. Robison
          • 10th TN: Maj. John O'Neill
          • 15th/37th TN: Ltc. R. Dudley Frayser (WIA July 22nd); Maj. John M. Wall
          • 20th TN: Ltc. William M. Shy
          • 30th TN: Ltc. James J. Turner
        • Finley's Brigade: Col. Angus D. McLean
          • 1st/3rd FL: Capt. Martin H. Strain
          • 4th/1st (Cavalry) FL: Ltc. Edward Badger
          • 6th FL: Ltc. Daniel L. Kenan
          • 7th FL: Ltc. Robert Bullock
      • Corps Artillery: Col. Melancthon Smith
        • Hoxton's Battalion: Maj. Llewelyn Hoxton
          • Phelan's AL Battery: Capt. John Phelan
          • Marion FL Battery: Capt. Thomas J. Perry
          • Turner's MS Battery: Capt. William B. Turner
        • Martin's Battalion: Maj. Robert Martin
          • Howell's GA Battery: Lt. W. G. Robson
          • Bledsoe's MO Battery: Lt. Charles D. Higgins
          • Ferguson's SC Battery: Lt. Rene T. Beauregard
        • Hotchkiss' Battalion: Maj. Thomas Hotchkiss
          • Helena AK Battery: Capt. Thomas J. Key
          • Semple's AL Battery: Lt. Henry N. Steele
          • Warren County MS Battery: Lt. Harvey Shannon
        • Cobb's Battalion: Maj. Robert Cobb
        • Palmer's Battalion: Maj. Joseph Palmer​
          • Lumsden's AL Battery: Capt. Charles L. Lumsden
          • Anderson's Battery, 14th GA Artillery Battalion: Capt. Ruel W. Anderson
          • Havis' Battery, 14th GA Artillery Battalion: Capt. Minor W. Havis
    • Hood's/Lee's Corps: MG Carter L. Stevenson (July 18-19th); MG Benjamin F. Cheatham (July 19th-26th); LtG Stephen D. Lee (July 26th-)
      • Hindman's Division: BG John C. Brown
        • Deas' Brigade: Col. John G. Coltart (until July 26th); BG George D. Johnston (WIA Ezra Chruch July 28th); Col. John G. Coltart(WIA Ezra Church July 28th); Col. Benjamin R. Hart (KIA Ezra Church July 28th); Ltc. Harry T. Toulmin
          • 19th AL: Ltc. George R. Kimbrough
          • 22nd AL: Col. Benjamin R. Hart; Ltc. Harry T. Toulmin; Capt. Isaac M. Whitney
          • 25th AL: Col. George D. Johnston (Promoted BG July 26th); Capt. Napoleon B. Rouse
          • 39th AL: Ltc. William C. Clifton (WIA July 22nd); Capt. Thomas J. Branon
          • 50th AL: Capt. George W. Arnold; Col. John G. Coltart; Capt. George W. Arnold (WIA July 28th); Capt. Archibald D. Ray
          • 17th AL Sharpshooter Battalion: Capt. James F. Nabers
        • Manigault's Brigade: BG Arthur Manigault
          • 24th AL: Col. Newton N. Davis; Capt. Starke H. Oliver;
          • 28th AL: Ltc. William L. Butler
          • 34th AL: Col. Julius C. B. Mitchell; Maj. John N. Slaughter
          • 10th SC: Col. James F. Pressley; Ltc. C. Irvine Walker (WIA July 28th)
          • 19th SC: Maj. James L. White (WIA July 22nd); Capt. Elijah W. Horne; Capt. Thomas W. Getzen (WIA July 28th); Capt. Elijah W. Horne (WIA July 28th); Adj. James O. Ferrell
        • Tucker's/Sharp's Brigade: Col. Jacob H. Sharp(Promoted BG July 24th)
          • 7th MS: Col. William H. Bishop
          • 9th MS: Ltc. Benjamin F. Johns
          • 10th MS: Ltc. George B. Myers
          • 41st MS: Col. J. Byrd Williams
          • 44th MS: Ltc. R. G. Kelsey
          • 9th MS Sharpshooter Battalion: Maj. William C. Richards
        • Walthall's/Brantley's Brigade: Col. Samuel Benton (MWIA Bald Hill July 22nd); Col. William F. Brantley(Promoted BG July 26th)
      • Stevenson's Division: MG Carter L. Stevenson
      • Clayton's Division: MG Henry D. Clayton
        • Stovall's Brigade: BG Marcellus Stovall; Col. Abda Johnson
          • 40th GA: Col. Abda Johnson; Capt. John F. Groover
          • 41st GA: Maj. Mark S. Nall
          • 42nd GA: Col. Robert J. Henderson
          • 43rd GA: Maj. William C. Lester
          • 52nd GA: Capt. Rufus R. Ashbury
          • 1st GA State Line: Ltc. John M. Brown (MWIA July 22nd)
        • Holtclaw's Brigade: Col. Bushrod Jones; BG James T. Holztclaw
          • 18th AL: Ltc. Peter F. Hundley
          • 32nd/58th AL: Col. Bushrod Jones
          • 36th AL: Ltc. Thomas H. Herndon
          • 38th AL: Col. A. R. Lankford; Maj. Shep. Ruffin
        • Gibson's Brigade: BG Randall Gibson
          • 1st LA Regulars: Capt. W. H. Sparks
          • 4th LA: Col. Samuel E. Hunter
          • 13th LA: Col. Francis L. Campbell
          • 16th/25th LA: Ltc. Robert H. Lindsay; Col. Charles Zacharie
          • 19th LA: Col. Richard W. Turner; Ltc. Hyder A. Kennedy
          • 20th LA: Col. Leon von Zinken (WIA July 28th)
          • 4th LA Battalion: Maj. Duncan Buie
          • 30th LA Battalion: Ltc. Thomas Shields (KIA July 28th)
          • 14th LA Sharpshooter Battalion: Maj. John E. Austin
        • Baker's Brigade: BG Alpheus Baker; Col. John H. Higley (Bald Hill); BG Alpheus Baker (Ezra Church)
          • 37th AL: Ltc. Alexander A. Greene
          • 40th AL: Col. John H. Higley
          • 42nd AL: Ltc. Thomas C. Lanier; Capt. R. K. Wells
          • 54th AL: Ltc. John A. Minter
      • Corps Artillery: Col. Robert F. Beckham; Ltc. James H. Hallonquist
        • Courtney's Battalion: Maj. Alfred R. Courtney
          • Garrity's AL Battery: Capt. James Garrity
          • Dent's AL Battery: Capt. Staunton H. Dent
          • Douglas' TX Battery: Capt. James P. Douglas; Lt. John H. Bingham
        • Eldridge's Battalion: Maj. John W. Eldridge
          • Eufaula AL Battery: Capt. McDonald Oliver
          • Fenner's LA Battery: Capt. Charles Fenner
          • Stanford's MS Battery: Capt. Thomas J. Stanford
        • Johnston's Battalion: Maj. John W. Johnston
        • Williams' Battalion: Ltc. Samuel C. Williams; Capt. Reuben F. Kolb​
          • Barbour AL Battery: Capt. Reuben F. Kolb
          • Jefferson MS Battery: Capt. Putnam Darden
          • Nottaway VA Battery: Capt. William C. Jeffries
    • Stewart's Corps: LtG Alexander P. Stewart (WIA Ezra Church July 28th); MG Benjamin F. Cheatham
      • Loring's Division: MG William W. Loring (WIA Ezra Church July 28th) ;BG Winfield S. Featherson(June 14 to July 7)
        • Featherston's Brigade: BG Winfield S. Featherston; Col. Robert Lowry
          • 1st MS (?): Maj. Milton S. Alcorn
          • 3rd MS: Col. Thomas A. Mellon (WIA July 20th); Ltc. Samuel M. Dyer
          • 22nd MS: Maj. Martin A. Oatis (WIA July 20th); Capt. J. T. Formby
          • 31st MS: Ltc. James W. Drane (WIA July 20th); Maj. F. M. Gillespie (WIA July 20th); Lt. William D. Shaw
          • 33rd MS: Col. Jabez L. Drake (KIA July 20th); Capt. Moses Jackson
          • 40th MS: Ltc. George P. Wallace (WIA July 20th); Maj. W. McD. Gibbens (KIA July 20th); Capt. Charles A. Huddleston
          • 1st MS Sharpshooter Battalion: Maj. James M. Stigler
        • Adams' Brigade: BG John Adams
        • Scott's Brigade: BG Thomas M. Scott
          • 27th/35th/49th AL: Col. Samuel S. Ives
          • 55th AL: Col. John Snodgrass
          • 57th AL: Ltc. William C. Bethune
          • 12th LA: Col. Noel L. Nelson
        • Myrick's Battalion: Maj. John D. Myrick
          • Pointe Coupee LA Battery: Capt. Alcide Bouanchaud
          • Cowan's MS Battery: Capt. James J. Cowan
          • Lookout TN Battery: Capt. Robert L. Barry
      • French's Division: MG Samuel G. French
        • Ector's Brigade: BG Matthew D. Ector (WIA July 28th); Col. William Hugh Young
        • Missouri Brigade: BG Francis M. Cockrell(?); Col. Elijah Gates
          • 1st/4th MO: Ltc. Hugh A. Garland
          • 2nd/6th MO: Col. Peter C. Flournoy
          • 3rd/5th MO: Col. James McCown
          • 1st/3rd MO Cavalry (Dismounted): Col. Elijah Gates; Ltc. D. Todd Samuel
        • Sears' Brigade: Col. William T. S. Barry
          • 4th MS: Col. Thomas N. Adaire; Maj. Thomas P. Nelson
          • 35th MS: Ltc. Reuben H. Shortwell
          • 36th MS: Col. William W. Witherspoon
          • 39th MS: Ltc. William E. Ross: Maj. R. J. Durr
          • 46th MS: Col. William H. Clark
          • 7th MS Battalion
        • Storrs' Battalion: Maj. George S. Storrs
          • Ward's AL Battery: Capt. John J. Ward
          • Brookhaven MS Battery: Capt. James A. Hoskins
          • Guibor's MO Battery: Capt. Henry Guibor
      • Walthall's Division: MG Edward Walthall
        • Reynolds' Brigade: BG Daniel H. Reynolds
        • Cantey's Brigade: Col. Edward O'Neal
          • 17th AL: Maj. Thomas J. Burnett (WIA July 28th); Capt. John A. Foster
          • 26th AL: Maj. David F. Bryan
          • 29th AL: Col. John F. Conoley; Capt. John A. Foster
          • 37th MS: Col. Orlando S. Holland; Maj. Samuel H. Terral
          • Sharpshooter Battalion: Capt. Sid B. Smith; Capt. A. L. O'Brien
        • Quarles' Brigade: BG William A. Quarles
          • 1st AL: Maj. Samuel L. Knox (WIA July 28th)
          • 42nd TN: Col. Isaac N. Hulme
          • 46th/55th TN: Col. Robert A. Owens
          • 48th (Voorhies) TN: Ltc. Aaron S. Goodwin
          • 49th TN: Col. William F. Young (WIA July 28th)
          • 53rd TN: Col. John R. White (KIA July 28th); Maj. William C. Richardson (MWIA July 28th)
        • Preston's Battalion: Maj. William C. Preston (KIA July 20th)
          • Selden's AL Battery: Lt. Charles W. Lovelace
          • Tarrant's AL Battery: Capt. Edward Tarrant
          • Yates' MS Battery: Lt. R. B. Jones
      • Jackson's Cavalry Division: BG William H. Jackson
        • Armstrong's Brigade: BG Frank C. Armstrong
          • 1st MS Cavalry: Col. Richard A. Pinson; Ltc. Frank A. Montgomery
          • 2nd MS Cavalry: Maj. John J. Perry
          • 28th MS Cavalry: Maj. Joshua T. McBee; Col. Peter B. Starke
          • Ballentine's MS Cavalry: Ltc. William L. Maxwell
        • Ross' Brigade: BG Lawrence S. Ross
          • 3rd TX Cavalry: Col. Giles S. Boggess
          • 6th TX Cavalry: Ltc. Peter F. Ross
          • 9th TX Cavalry: Col. Dudley W. Jones
          • 27th TX Cavalry: Col. Edwin R. Hawkins
        • Ferguson's Brigade: BG Samuel W. Ferguson
          • 2nd AL Cavalry: Ltc. John N. Carpenter
          • 56th AL Cavalry: Col. William Boyles
          • 9th MS Cavalry: Col. Horace H. Miller
          • 11th MS Cavalry: Col. Robert O. Perrin
          • 12th MS Cavalry Battalion: Col. William Inge
        • Waties' Horse Battalion: Capt. John Waties
          • Columbus GA Battery: Capt. Ed Croft
          • Clark MO Battery: Capt. Houston King
          • Waties' SC Battery: Lt. R. B. Waddell
      • Corps Artillery: Ltc. Samuel C. Williams
        • Waddell's Battalion: Maj. James F. Waddell​
          • Bellamy's AL Battery: Lt. Francis A. O'Neal
          • Emery's AL Battery: Capt. Winslow D. Emery
          • Barret's MO Battery: Capt. Overton W. Barret
    • Wheeler's Cavalry Corps: MG Joseph Wheeler
      • Martin's Division: MG William T. Martin
        • Morgan's/Allen's Brigade: BG John T. Morgan (replaced mid-June); BG William Allen
          • 1st AL Cavalry: Ltc. D. T. Blakey; Maj. A. H. Johnson
          • 3rd AL Cavalry: Col. James Hagan
          • 4th AL Cavalry: Col. Alfred A. Russell
          • 7th AL Cavalry: Col. James C. Malone Jr.
          • 51st AL Cavalry: Col. M. L. Kirkpatrick
          • 12th AL Cavalry Battalion: (from mid-June)
        • Iverson's Brigade: BG Alfred Iverson
          • 1st GA Cavalry: Col. Samuel W. Davitte
          • 2nd GA Cavalry: Col. Charles C. Crews; Ltc. James W. Mayo
          • 3rd GA Cavalry: Col. Robert Thompson
          • 4th (12th) GA Cavalry: Col. Isaac W. Avery; Maj. Augustus W. Stewart
          • 6th GA Cavalry: Col. John R. Hart
      • Kelly's Division: BG John H. Kelly
        • R. H. Anderson's Brigade: Col. Robert H. Anderson(Promoted BG July 26th)
          • 3rd Confederate Cavalry: Col. P. H. Rice; Ltc. John McCaskill
          • 8th Confederate Cavalry: Ltc. John S. Prather
          • 10th Confederate Cavalry:
          • 12th Confederate Cavalry:
          • 5th GA Cavalry: Col. Robert H. Anderson; Maj. Richard J. Davant Jr.
        • Dibrell's Brigade: Col. George Dibrell
          • 4th TN Cavalry: Col. William S. McLemore
          • 8th TN Cavalry:
          • 9th TN Cavalry: Col. Jacob Biffle
          • 10th TN Cavalry: Col. William E. DeMoss; Maj. John Minor
          • 11th TN Cavalry: Daniel W. Holman
        • Williams' Brigade: BG John S. Williams
          • 1st (3rd) KY Cavalry: Col. J. R. Butler; Ltc. Jacob W. Griffith
          • 2nd KY (Woodward's) Cavalry: Maj. Thomas W. Lewis
          • 9th KY Cavalry: Col. William C. P. Breckinridge; Ltc. Robert G. Stoner
          • Dortch's KY Cavalry Battalion: Capt. John B. Dortch
          • Hamilton's TN Cavalry Battalion: Maj. Joseph Shaw
          • Allison's TN Cavalry Squadron: Capt. John H. Allison
        • Hannon's Brigade: Col. Moses W. Hannon
          • 53rd AL Cavalry: Ltc. John F. Gaines
          • 24th AL Cavalry Battalion: Maj. Robert B. Snodgrass
      • Humes' Division: BG William Y. C. Humes
        • Ashby's Brigade: Col. Henry M. Ashby
          • 1st (6th) TN Cavalry: Col. James T. Wheeler
          • 2nd (Ashby's) TN Cavalry: Capt. John H. Kuhn
          • 5th TN Cavalry: Col. George W. McKenzie
          • 9th TN Cavalry Battalion: Maj. James Akin
        • Harrison's Brigade: Col. Thomas Harrison
          • 3rd AK Cavalry: Col. Amson W. Hobson
          • 4th (Murray's) TN Cavalry: Ltc. Paul F. Anderson
          • 8th TX Cavalry: Ltc. Gustave Cook; Maj. Samuel P. Christian
          • 11th TX Cavalry: Col. George R. Reeves
      • Horse Artillery: Ltc. Felix H. Robertson
        • Wiggins' 2nd AK Battery: Lt. J. P. Bryant
        • Ferrell's GA Battery:
        • Huggins' TN Battery: (Joined mid-June)
        • Huwald's TN Battery: Lt. D. Breck Ramsey
        • White's TN Battery: Capt. Benjamin F. White Jr.
    • Engineer Regiment: Maj. Stephen W. Presstman
    • Detachment, Gholson's Brigade: Col. John McGuirk (Assigned to D. H. Reynolds' Brigade before Ezra Church)
    • Youngblood's Battalion (Battalion of Georgia state clerks and mechanics; assigned to D. H. Reynolds' Brigade before Ezra Church): Maj. ? Youngblood
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Nov 8, 2018
As for the strengths of the army during this period, I should note that the O.R.s provide numbers only for July 10th and July 31st. This is somewhat problematic, as July 31st is after Walker's Division is disbanded. In addition, I have no numbers for G. W. Smith's Militia. Thus, before I make my chart, I want to show what information I can glean from Castel's Decision in the West, Earl J. Hess' The Battle of Peachtree Creek, Craig Symonds' Stonewall of the West, and Daniel Sutherland's article on Daniel Govan, to give what information I can regarding details on Confederate units in this time.
Hess, in the Confederate OoB he lists, places the engaged strength of Hardee and Stewart at Peachtree Creek at 26000 men, with around 2500 casualties; he estimates Hardee had 15000 men while Stewart had 11000.
Hess gives troops strength for the following divisions, brigades, and even regiments:
-Mercer's Brigade: 2000 men engaged (23 total casualties)
-Loring's Division: 2550 men engaged (1016 total casualties)
-Featherston's Brigade: 1230 men engaged (626 total casualties)
-31st MS: 215 men engaged (164 total casualties)
-Scott's Brigade: 1320 men engaged (390 total casualties)
-57th AL: 330 men engaged (157 total casualties)
-12th LA: 318 men engaged (73 total casualties)
-Cantey's/O'Neal's Brigade: 1050 men engaged (279 total casualties)
-37th MS: 210 engaged (48 total casualties)
-D. H. Reynolds' Brigade: 540 men engaged (67 total casualties) (Reynolds fought a minor engagement on the 19th; Hess places Reynolds' strength at 600 men, with the brigade suffering 59 casualties that day).
In addition, Hess lists the casualties (though not the engaged strengths) for the following divisions and brigades:
-Maney's/F. M. Walker's Brigade: 11 lost
-Strahl's Brigade: 21 lost
-Vaughan's/Magevney's Brigade: 122 lost
-Wright's/Carter's Brigade: 122 lost
-French's Division: 19 lost
-Cockrell's Brigade: 15 lost
-Ector's Brigade: 4 lost
-Quarles' Brigade: 24 lost

For the Battle of Bald Hill, thanks to Daniel Sutherland's article, I have the strength for Dan Govan's Arkansas Brigade as 1221 men "effectives", and suffered 86 killed, 322 wounded, and 91 captured, ending up with just 722 men as of July 23rd (Sutherland 294). J. A. Smith's Texas/Tennessee Brigade would have had around that number, while Lowrey probably had a thousand men, of whom 578 were lost at Bald Hill. Cleburne's Division, having not been engaged at Peachtree Creek, suffered 1388 casualties, a third of the division and a third of Hardee's total casualties, 3299. The remainder comes from Maney's Division (619 casualties), Walker's Division (no direct report, except for Mercer's brigade's report of 168; Castel notes that most of the remaining casualties probably came from Walker's division, "if for no other reason than that it had more men to lose" (Castel 412)), and Bate's Division (again, no division report, but the Kentucky Brigade lost 135 men). Meanwhile, Brown's Division lost around 1000 men, according to Manigault and Castel, while Clayton suffered around 600 casualties (Stovall's Brigade lost 298, and Holtzclaw 128). Stevenson probably suffered the majority of the remaining corps casualties of around 2000 men. G. W. Smith lost 50 killed and wounded. Thus, Castel brings the total casualty estimate for Atlanta at around 5500 men.

As for Ezra Church, I have only Castel's book to reference. He gives no brigade or division strengths for the forces engaged; however, he does note the casualties. Walthall reported the loss of 152 officers and 1000 men of which 514 came from Quarles' Brigade alone; Brown suffered 807 casualties; Gibson's Brigade suffered 480 casualties, the rest of Clayton's Division (apparently not counting Bushrod Jones' Brigade) contributing 120 casualties. Castel places total Confederate losses at Ezra Church at around 3000 (Castel 424).

If someone gets more information on the forces in this period, I invite you to post. I may try getting Hess' Ezra Church book, and maybe fish out a book about Bald Hill.


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Nov 8, 2018
Update, just bought Hess' Ezra Church on Google Books, gleaned through the OoB real quick and updated the original post thusly.
I'll need to read more in depth with it though.

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Nov 8, 2018
Thomas B Smith has a very sad story. He was beaten by a Federal soldier and suffered brain damage that cause him to be institutionalized.
Not just a Federal soldier, but Colonel William McMillen, an incompetent drunkard, who somehow got away with abusing a POW needlessly. One of the more despicable acts of the entire war.