Confederate Order of Battle for Hatcher's Run Feb 1865


Feb 4, 2021
Hi. This is just a "heads-up" for a series of articles I've written, that are being kindly posted on Brett Schulte's great "Siege of Petersburg Online" website.
There are 5 articles in all, with one coming out every Monday.
Links for the first two are:

Having read a few accounts of the battle, I became very confused as to who was actually fighting in gray. So 6-months of research later with a lot of help from numerous experts, I think I've managed to highlighted most of the contradictions and hopefully solved a few of them! The article (number 4) on the Confederate cavalry was particularly challenging, as it's still not clear to me how many of Rooney Lee's 3 brigades actually made it to the battle! I have only found evidence for one so far - Richard Beale's brigade. If anyone reading this has other evidence, then I'd be very keen to hear about it. Indeed any comments on the topic, either here or directly on the article's comment box will be gratefully received.
One thing I really enjoyed was coming across characters I'd never heard of before and their fascinating back-stories. The likes of "Gimlet" Lea and his association with G.A. Custer; Reuben Wilson and his gruesome exploits in North Carolina, Zebulon York and his winning fight at Yadkin River Bridge after Lee's surrender, possibly making it the last Rebel victory in the Eastern Theatre. Most of these gems are tucked away in the notes.


Jul 31, 2005
I wanted to give Nigel props for this series. It is REALLY good work. He's been working with Bryce Suderow for months, and he's scoured a lot of fairly obscure unit histories to put this series together.

He caught some errors on my site too that I need to go back and change. I've been relying on F. Ray Sibley's book for the "standard" OOB, but he has some errors and omissions I've already found, some Nigel found, and there are more out there.

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Jun 1, 2018
Northern Alabama
When Nigel contacted me about the curious capture of Lt. Col. Blair sometime during the Feb. 5-7 fighting and the problematic involvement of at least a part of the 2nd Mississippi, you know he has done his homework and literally left no stone unturned. I wish I could have been of more help, but he has definitely done his research. The first articles are excellent and I am anxiously awaiting the release of the others. Great job!