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Confederate Monument Controversies
American Civil War Museum CEO Christy Coleman looked at the controversies surrounding Confederate monuments. Her talk was a part of a Civil War conference hosted by the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation.
Presented at the same time as the James Robertson's Keynote address referenced in a couple of other threads.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss the difficulties in discussing the Monument Controversies rather than arguing about monument removal. I will use clips to make points, please limit the discussion to the clips and their topics. The clips are in order of my interest and preparation, not chronological. The link at the head of this post is the whole video. Thanks

This clip discusses the lack of CSA iconology for former Confederates that joined the Grant administration or otherwise promoted or defended black suffrage. Is this significant and how does that affect claims of history and art?

Longstreet Monuments.

Transcript-may contain errors.

Your comments about the battle at Liberty Park in 1874 raises an interesting question that touches on the essence of this debate. Many military historians regarded Lieutenant General James Longstreet as the most accomplished tactical and strategic genius of the American civil war. HE, as you know, was the commander of the African American militia and the metropolitan police of New Orleans during that battle. He was unhorsed, wounded by a spent bullet and captured. He was acting under the authority of the Grant administration, which he joined in 1868. The Question is -- why has there never been a monument to General James Longstreet of the Confederate army, and what does that tell us about this debate?

I think that tells you quite a bit about the debate. The individuals who were later known as the readjusters, the Confederate general officers, etc., who would eventually support reconstruction and would support the black enfranchisement, you would find that for the most part there are no monuments to them and in the pantheon of confederate memory.​

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