Confederate in Christmas parade tells kids: ‘I got bullets. Want bullets?’ What if it was a cowboy?

Oct 25, 2017
Here we go again...would this happen to someone dressed like a cowboy???I think not!

One of the floats in the Christmas parade that rolled through Springdale, Arkansas, over the weekend was clearly not a sleigh carrying St. Nick.

Christmas lights bedecked the trailer, pulled by a pickup truck. A Confederate flag flew on the front, and two men dressed as Confederate soldiers rode on the back. One held a rifle in his hand.

A video of the parade posted by a Facebook user named Thunder Man caught the shocked response of the person filming: “Why are there Confederate soldiers out here?”

As the float rolled down the street, kids in the crowd can be heard on the video yelling for candy.

“I got bullets. Want bullets?” the man with the gun asked them.

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First Sergeant
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
Confusing article. I saw this last night on Google. But there are differences in the reporting,it's not even the same picture as the one used last night. And there was no mention of bullets, bayonets or candy on last night's report. All it mentioned was that someone hollered "Are you looking for slaves". And the one soldier on the float replied "No Yankees".

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