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Confederate Hospital - Kingston Georgia

Discussion in 'Medical Care of the Civil War' started by lelliott19, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. lelliott19

    lelliott19 Sergeant Major Forum Host Trivia Game Winner

    Mar 15, 2013
    The 'Wayside Home' Hospital was established by the Soldiers' Aid Society in Kingston, Georgia in 1861, but there was also a Confederate Field Hospital at Kingston. This Army of Tennessee field hospital was called "Kingston Hospital" or "Camp Kingston Hospital." The field hospital was relocated several time, moving further away from the lines to avoid the advancing Union Army, but retained the name "Kingston Hospital."

    @Podad hopefully this thread will answer the question you posted in another thread? I decided to start a new thread to avoid causing confusion in the other thread.

    The medical staff of the Kingston Hospital included the following surgeons and assistant surgeons:

    Here's a (likely incomplete) timeline for the Kingston Hospital:
    • March 1863 - Kingston Hospital at Kingston, GA (Fold 3 record for Surgeon Thomas Mattingly; requisition for commutation of quarters at Kingston, GA)
    • April 2, 1863 - Kingston Hospital at Kingston, GA (Fold 3 record for Surgeon Thomas Mattingly; requisition for ten thousand pounds of straw for the "wants of the hospital")
    • May 1-31, 1863 - Kingston Hospital at Kingston, GA (Fold 3 record for Surgeon Thomas Mattingly)
    • July 16, 1863 - Kingston Hospital at Kingston, GA (Fold 3 record assignment of Daniel S Hopping to report to Surgeon Avent at Kingston- see below)
    • July 18/28, 1863 - Kingston Hospital at Barnesville GA (Fold 3 record Surgeon George Wilkins McDade requisition) http://georgiainfo.galileo.usg.edu/topics/historical_markers/county/lamar/confederate-hospitals2
    • October 5, 1863 - Surgeon Samuel H Stout (Medical Director of Braggs Army) mentions Surgeon B W Avent as in charge of Hospital at Kingston, GA (Vol 30-4, p. 738)
    • February 4, 1864 - At Kingston, GA, Surgeon Benjamin W. Avent at Kingston, GA signs as Senior Surgeon Board of Medical Examiners (M-422; AGO)
    • June 8-28, 1864 - Atlanta GA; Dead of Kingston Hospital listed on interment records for Oakland Cemetery Atlanta GA http://www.georgiaarchives.org/what...kCemBk/14_Institute_and_Gilmore_Hospitals.pdf - page 2 of scanned record
    • June 21, 1864 - Kingston Hospital at Atlanta GA (Fold 3 record for Asst Surgeon Daniel S Hopping see below)
    • Oct/Nov 1864 - Surgeon McDade stationed to Madison House Hospital (Montgomery AL)
    • November 21, 1864 - Surgeon Benjamin W Avent assigned charge of hospitals at Tuscumbia, AL; Dr. Daniel S. Hopping assigned charge of Kingston Hospital
    • November 21, 1864 - I have received a letter from Dr. Hopping He has now charge of the Kingston Hospital, and is anxious to have Mrs. Williamson and myself there again. His wife is with him, and is one of the matrons. I shoujld like very much to go, so as to be near the army, and had fully made up my mind to go either there or to Ringgold, but Dr Hughes and Dr Gamble are both unwilling to have Mrs. Williamson and myself leave, and I think it best to wait until the next battle. Our army may be defeated, and in that case, the hospitals brought further in the rear. ~ Kate Cumming, Journal of a Confederate Nurse, pp. 170-171.
    • January/Feb 1865 - Surgeon G W McDade in charge of Stonewall Hospital (Montgomery AL or Gainseville AL)
    • Feb 1865 - Kingston Hospital at Opelika AL (Fold 3 record for Asst Surgeon Daniel S Hopping)
    • March 29, 1865 - Surgeon McDade signs 'parole of honor' at Montgomery AL
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  3. lelliott19

    lelliott19 Sergeant Major Forum Host Trivia Game Winner

    Mar 15, 2013
    Kate Cumming, Journal of a Confederate Nurse, page 120.

    There's a LOT of information about the operation of the Kingston Hospital in Kate Cumming's journal. The link is below, but you will have to search inside the book for "Kingston" to find all the mentions and then read before and after the pages that have the word Kingston on them. Lots of good info about the nurses' difficulties in working within Dr Avent's stringent guidelines. https://books.google.com/books?id=e4Q5njGGCRMC&pg=PA315&lpg=PA315&dq=Confederate+hospital+"Kingston+Hospital"+GA&source=bl&ots=yBCIXV6b2K&sig=Cq8CHTcp8JlH6HjcY7bufR-TXlI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjZiOmP0afSAhUHbiYKHXjtAVY4ChDoAQg9MAg#v=onepage&q=Kingston&f=false
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2017
  4. Podad

    Podad Sergeant

    Dec 18, 2009
    NE Georgia
    Good information Laura, as always thanks for the research.

    The parts of the log showing those who died at Kingston don't show the early months of 1864. One of my GG Grandfathers who served with the 66th Ga. died there most likely in January of 1864. He was Pvt. Conrad Sellers He was shown as sick in camp at Dalton in December 1863 and sent to hospital at Kingston. Affidavits sworn in the 1890s during his widows pension application process state that he died there.
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  5. MaryDee

    MaryDee Sergeant Major Trivia Game Winner

    Dec 23, 2014
    Gateway to Columbia River Gorge
    Interesting, but evidently I didn't have enough coffee this morning--I read Kingston as Klingon! :bounce:

    And hooray for Kate Cummings!
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  6. donna

    donna Brev. Brig. Gen'l Forum Host

    May 12, 2010
    Interesting. Thanks for posting.
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  7. Mike Serpa

    Mike Serpa Captain

    Jan 24, 2013
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  8. ucvrelics.com

    ucvrelics.com First Sergeant Forum Host

    May 7, 2016
    Great Post. Here is one of my favorites. I came across this one when I was excavating a CS camp at Lauderdale Station. The hotel at the Lauderdale Springs resort was converted to a hospital after the battle of Shiloh and treated both CS and US soldiers. Most of the ones I have encountered CEM46630795_116234014393.jpg CEM46630795_116234038144.jpg CEM46630795_116234093353.jpg were always on a railroad for obvious reasons.

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