In the Field Confederate harness and equipment buckles and such.

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Aug 25, 2012
I was reviewing this book and the part covering Confederate-made buckles escutcheon plates, and pommel shields is interesting.
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I am not a relic collector so the part of the book about Confederate-made bridle buckles escutcheon plates, and pommel shields made me wonder about this topic. If a relic hunter found a bridle buckle, how confident could they be that it is Confederate made? So are Confederate bridle buckles all that different from US Army bridle buckles or civilian bridle buckles both pre Civil War and post Civil War? How could a relic hunter be certain? I am assuming there are good book on this subject and experienced relic hunts just can tell the difference between a Union item and a Confederate item.


Jan 27, 2021
Unless its a specific and documented pattern piece, there is no way to say if an item is civilian or CS. Much of it is unmarked and very generic, especially things like harness buckles.