Confederate Cemetery at Camp Chase

Dave D

Feb 21, 2019
Not any more. Vandals damaged the soldier--decapitated it--so it has been removed.

Yeah, my great grandfather's youngest brother is buried at Camp Chase Cemetery (John G. Deatherage, grave #855). In 2009 the department of Veterans Affairs completely refurbished the cemetery - they removed, cleaned, and straightened all the head stones, took the soldier statue down off the memorial arch and did some repairs (it had been standing there since 1907), and did some overall landscaping.

In August, 2017 we went there to visit John's grave and see how the cemetery looked since it was redone. The place was really nice! 10 days later some cretin jumped the wall around the cemetery, climbed the memorial arch and pushed the statue off its pedestal. They stole the head.

What a despicable shame! It takes a really brave person to desecrate the graves of long dead soldiers - I hope the creep is haunted forever.