Confederate boy with Merrill

Sep 14, 2017
I just noticed something pretty interesting about the boy and the Merrill he was holding. Look at the forend part of the stock - it's stubbed. I went back to my list of Merrills and between serial 468 and 588 the change occurred where the forend became tapered.

Initial check of my photos and auction ads showed no Merrills with cartouches, up to at least serial 1999. I'll nail down that earliest cartouched Merrill. Should have already determined that, given all the photos I have. Eric.


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DO notice - if is has any bearing on what you're pointing out - that barring positive identification as to his identity there is NOTHING that makes this boy a Confederate. Gray was a long-time color used by members of the Militia and State-sponsored military academies throughout the Nation, both pre- and post-war. There's even the (admittedly) remote possibility that this could be light or sky-blue as used in Union trowswes, greatcoats, and Invalid Corps uniforms.

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