Restricted Confederate battle flag continues to wave for Talladega fans

These DIY garages still exist. Just not in the numbers they did, when most of us were teenagers, or young. I believe it's more common in rural areas, as it's not uncommon at all for me to roll up to someones place, & them to have a hood open, & tinkering going on.

What I don't see much, is young fellars hanging around. Lots of free education was available back in the day, just handing wrenches, & rags. Again, my brush isn't too broad here, I do know some young fellars that'll attack anything but, by & large.... they are the minority today. Most are glued to their smartphones, & busy taking selfies.....

I know only one younger person (18 y. o.) who's into messin with cars and trucks like we used to do. He's more into the of-road and muddin vehicles and he builds everything from Jeeps to an army surplus deuce and a half. He's got so much work going on that his dad bought him a 10 acre parcel with a huge pole barn on it to do his work.


Lt. Colonel
Nov 11, 2009
I agree. Certainly not all, but most young fellars today, can barely change their own oil. When I was a teenager, most could do basic maintenance on their vehicles themselves, & darn near everybody could install a car stereo
There is a huge Cars and Coffee in the Dallas suburb of Plano once a month. When it started 10 years ago there were some beautiful classics to see. Now with a few exceptions it’s either new or nearly new cars with kids whose only automotive knowledge is how to rev their engines and a group of super exotics that wealthy guys pose with. Sad.