Committee Recommends Statue of Nathan Forrest Be Placed in Museum, Not in Public


Sep 13, 2020
Port Macquarie, Australia
This statue was sitting in the middle of a freaking cemetery. It was sitting, in a courtyard, in the middle of the Confederate section of a city cemetery.

What happened to "just put them in cemeteries"?

I'm sorry to say that cemeteries are also targets as evidenced by several threads in this forum. I suppose that those who have little respect for public property have little respect for many other things too. Here are a few cemetery related CWT Threads:
Hollywood, California Confederate Monument;
Confederate Mass Grave Marker Vandalized;
Liberty Mo memorial.
Doubtless there are many other instances of damage, defacement or removal from cemeteries that are not widely reported and are not noticed by many outside their local communities.
Sep 17, 2011
But storing them in a sewage plant be ok, can throw em some happy meals every day over the fence. :bounce:

Though find the recommendation odd, looking at the rome area history center, it says admission is free...aren't museums, in particularly free ones actually for the public?
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