Comm Check

Mar 6, 2019
FNG checking in. Retired USMC. Doing genealogy work on Ancestry. Most of my Civil War ancestors served in the Confederate Army. Interestingly, my great grandfather was a 2nd Lt in the 1st Mississippi Mounted Rifles (Union). So did three of his brothers. I’m trying to get some insight into their motivation. After the War, they all moved to Arkansas. Probably persona non grata. Anyway, looking forward to learning from all of the collective knowledge on the site. Thanks.

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Aug 25, 2013
Hannover, Germany
Welcome from Germany again, @Paladin6 !
That is a very nice Eagle, Globe and Anchor that you have chosen for your profile picture! How old is it? One of our co-members, @48th Miss. (also a retired Marine - if Marines ever retire!), collects those and will sure be interested to see that one!
Looking forward to reading your posts and I'm sure you will find new friends here in no time!

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