Restricted Column of Calhoun monument in Charleston demolished


Brigadier General
Jan 12, 2016
South Carolina
Even with all that's gone on regarding historic American monuments in the last few months, this was shocking to me. Removing and storing a monument is one thing, but this one was pulled down and destroyed. The base and column of a monument are just as much a part of it as the statue.

Marion Square shook Wednesday morning as a demolition crew pulled down the massive granite pillar that held a statue of John C. Calhoun over Charleston for over a century.​
In 21 seconds, Target Construction backhoe operator Chris Rainey pulled down the column that was there for 124 years.​
Metal plates placed in front of the statue to protect the grass and walkways did little — in some spots, the more than 100,000 pound pillar was embedded nearly a foot into the ground.​