Recent Find Colt powder flask engraving

Peter Stines

Apr 10, 2007
Gulf Coast of Texas
Don't forget...the 1849 Pocket was the biggest selling Colt...340,000 total made in all, but some 240,000 were in existence by 1865. So, it is a very likely candidate.

As for being an expert, I am not. But I have a couple of Pockets, and the repro flask, and I do shoot them so that makes me "knowledgeable". Happy to help...that's what this Forum is all about.

So when are you taking me on a Relic hunt? (droooolllllllll......) 😉
I had a post war '49 Pocket. Wish I still had it. A chunk the size of a small finger nail had been broken out near the toe of the grip. If often wondered why the '49 outsold the other pistols. .31 is a tad puny, granted it got the job done. I used to use a "cheater pipe" slipped over the rammer when in the field. A loading stand at the range. My distant cousin J.B. Hickock used the Navy '51 with pretty good effect
Jul 19, 2016
Spotsylvania Virginia
Yep we are a dying breed but as long as I can walk I will dig.
The ground up this way is saturated with water. My best friend dug two nice AVC coat buttons just before the snow and ice hit. His hole filled with water and he had to fish around in it to recover them. Like I said he is the lucky digger I know. When we were kids my Dad bought a metal detector in 1961 and we started hunting plowed fields that were a part of Burnside’s ‘62 winter camp. My friend would go with us and have nearly as good luck as us just finding items on top of the plowed ground by sight. His 50 year old son started hunting for the first time three years ago and appears to be nearly as lucky as his Dad. In the hunt where he dug the AVCs I found an ingraved silver handle connected to a whale bone riding crop. Most of the bone had deteriorated. The silver is at least 4 ozs. In weight. Photos attached.
We used to hunt in every kind of weather conditions imaginable but in the past 10 years have decided to limit it between the time deer season ends and spring gobbler season starts.
We take more rest breaks in the woods now too.


Nov 1, 2018
Very kewl stuff. I love treasure hunts. You guys are very lucky to have the opportunity. I look forward to your future posts on the goodies you've found.