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Coffee/Tea Coffee Cream

coffee cream
(from The Virginia House-wife, by Mary Randolph, 1825)


1 c. whole coffee beans, roasted light brown​
1 qt. sweet milk​
yolks of 8 eggs​


Toast two gills of raw coffee till it is a light brown, and not a grain burnt; put it hot from the toaster without grinding it, into a quart of rich, and perfectly sweet milk; boil it, and add the yelks of eight eggs; when done, strain it through a sieve and sweeten it; if properly done, it will not be discolored. The coffee may be dried, and will answer for making in the usual way to drink, allowing more for the quantity of water than if it had not gone through this process.​

This recipe is listed under "Ice Cream" in Mary's cookbook, and I'm sure the mixture would make a very rich ice cream! It also appears to be a way to make an "instant coffee with cream" that you can just add to hot water to, although I'm not sure exactly how you dry out the final product, made from an entire quart of milk, as suggested.