US -Coburn, Abner - Governor, ME

Abner Coburn:
Born: March 22, 1803
Abner Coburn.png

Birthplace: Skowhegan Massachusetts
Father: Eleazer Coburn 1777 – 1845
(Buried: Southside Cemetery Skowhegan Massachusetts)
Mary “Polly” Weston 1782 – 1860
(Buried: Southside Cemetery Skowhegan Massachusetts)
Wife: Never Married

Political Party: Federalist Party, Whig Party, and Republican Party

Occupation before War:

Worked on his family farm at a young age.
Assistant to his father who was a land surveyor
Helped Start the firm of E. Coburn & Sons buying lands and dealing in lumber on the Kennebec River.
After the death of his father the Firm became A & P Coburn
This firm would become the largest landowner in the state of Maine.
The Firm would acquire large timber holdings in Wisconsin
Obtained fifty thousand acres of timberland.
1830: Maine State Representative
1840: Maine State Representative
1844: Maine State Representative
One of the leaders in the founding of Republican Party in Maine.
Owner of two thousand shares of Kennebec & Portland Railroad
President of Skowhegan Maine Savings Bank
President and Director of Maine Central Railroad Company
1855: Member of Governor Anson P. Morrill’s Council
1857: Member of Governor Hannibal Hamlin’s Council
1860 – 1863: Maine State Representative
1860: Republican Party Presidential Elector

Civil War Career:
1860 – 1863: Maine State Representative
1863 – 1864: Governor of Maine
1863: Inaugurated as Governor of Maine on January 7th​.
1863 – 1864: Advocate for leasing Prisoners to Manufacturers
1863 – 1864: Leader in support of the Union Cause of the War.
1863 – 1864: Known to have been an honest Governor of Maine.

Occupation after War:
1864 – 1885: Retired living in Skowbegan Maine
1874 – 1885: Chairman of Board of Trustees of Colby College
Supporter of Coburn Classical Institute
Supporter of Bloomfield Academy in Skowhegan Maine
Presented Somerset County Maine a new county courthouse.
Presented Skowhegan the city first public hall named for the donor.

Died: January 4, 1885
Place of Death: Skowhegan Maine
Age at time of Death: 81 years old
Burial Place: Southside Cemetery Skowhegan Maine