Cobb's, Phillips Legions fighting Sweitzer's brigade in the Wheatfield?

Jul 29, 2015
The following Confederates were identified as capturing and/or struggling for the flags of the 4th Michigan, 62nd Pennsylvania and 11th U.S.

Sgt. I. L. Born, Co. C, Cobb's Legion
Pvt. Alfred Norris, Co. E, Cobb's Legion
Pvt. E. I. Smith Co. E, Phillips Legion
Pvt. Thomas Jolly Co. E, Phillips Legion

None of these men are shown on the roster of the 3rd Georgia Sharpshooters.

So the question remains, how did they end up fighting on the southern end of the Wheatfield when their comrades were moving along the Wheatfield road a 100 yards north of them?

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Tom Elmore

Sergeant Major
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Jan 16, 2015
Good question that I have wrestled with over time. The only plausible answer I can come up with is that those encounters took place in the eastern part of the Wheatfield, or east of the Wheatfield, as the remnants of Sweitzer's brigade sought escape from the southwestern end of the Wheatfield toward the northeast. The following account seems to support the idea.

(From the John S. Patton Papers, Company A, 62nd Pennsylvania) "In falling back the left wing fell back faster than the right. I went in with the left at first but looking back I saw the right was behind. I thought I would go slow until they came up first, then I came up to where some prisoners were that had been taken a short time before. The bullets were falling like hail and the guard that had the prisoners ran and let the prisoners go, when they immediately picked up guns and began to shoot our men. I saw ---- pick up a gun and looking around he spied me with the colors of the old Keystone state. Immediately he leveled his gun and ordered me to surrender my colors or he would shoot me, but I thought that was rather a saucy comment and I could not see the point. I looked at him a moment, then turning around I called out, 'some of you shoot that man,' when I found out there was only one of my --- with me, but when I gave the order he looked round when I took leg bail for security and increased the distance between him and me very fast. I had to jump a stone fence and came very near losing my balance, but I managed to get over. I then went straight ahead when directly I heard the report of a gun just behind me. I first concluded that was for me and sure enough the ball struck my arm four or five inches from the shoulder, passing under the bone and coming out in the chest near the arm pit. I called for some one to take the colors. One of the men ran out and took them, and I then made tracks to get out of further danger. Our national colors were captured."

The "stone fence" has to be the one that runs north-south along the eastern border of the Wheatfield.

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