US -Clifford, Nathan - U.S. Associate Justice

Nathan Clifford:
Born: August 18, 1803

Birthplace: Rumney New Hampshire
Father: Nathaniel Clifford
Mother: Lydia Simpson

Wife: Hannah Ayer 1811 – 1892
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery Portland Maine)

William Henry Clifford 1838 – 1901
(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery Portland Maine)

Political Party: Democratic Party

Attended New Hampton Literary Institute

Occupation before War:
School Teacher and gave gavel lessons in New York
1827 – 1830: Attorney in Newfield Maine
1830 – 1834: Maine State Representative
1832 – 1834: Speaker of Maine State House of Representatives

1834 – 1838: Maine State Attorney General
1839 – 1843: United States Congressman from Maine
1839 – 1841: Member of House Foreign Affairs Committee
1841 – 1843: Member of House Naval Affairs Committee
1843 – 1846: Attorney in Newfield Maine
1846 – 1848: United States Attorney General
1848 – 1849: United States Minister to Mexico
1848: Arranged the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo with Mexico
1849 – 1857: Attorney in Portland Maine
1858: Confirmed by a slim margin as Associate Justice
1858 – 1881: Associate Justice of United States Supreme Court
Wrote no major constitutional opinions as Associate Justice.

Civil War Career:
1857 – 1881: Associate Justice of United States Supreme Court
Distrusted Federal authority during the war.
Argued that the blockade in the south was illegal.
Joined the majority to limit use of military tribunals against citizens

Occupation after War:
1857 – 1881: Associate Justice of United States Supreme Court
Voted to limit federal power and make it easier for the south to rejoin the union.
Joined the majority in Cummings v. Missouri
Joined the majority outlawing test oaths as part of rejoining union.
1871: Held that the federal government could not tax the salary of a state officer.
1874: wrote the majority opinion in Loan Association v. Topeka
1877: President of Electoral Commission voting for Samuel J. Tilden
1879: Wrote the opinion validity of judgement of Louisiana Court in Johnson v. Dow
1880: Suffered a stroke but he continued to attempt to perform duties as Associate Justice.

Died: July 25, 1881
Place of Death: Cornish Maine
Age at time of Death: 77 years old
Burial Place: Evergreen Cemetery Portland Maine
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
When Clifford's nomination as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court happened in 1857 it was to fill the vacancy created by Benjamin R. Curtis' resignation. The opposition fiercly opposed Clifford and labeled him as a political hack and a "doughface".Originally the term meant someone willing to be led around by a stronger mind and will. It came to mean a Northern man who favored Southern Policies.